How Long Does Pest Control Take

How Long Does Pest Control Take? All You Need to Know!

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How Long Does Pest Control Take? It is one of the most frequently asked questions we get here at Pest Control Corp. Pests are stubborn creature, they neither run from home easily nor die easily. That’s why homeowners often want to know:

  • What will be the overall cost?
  • How much time required for inspection or treatment?
  • Do they have to vacate the premises?
  • And does the extra time will cost extra money?

People are having a very busy schedule these days thus these questions are very common we get. But today we are going to answer this question we will also help you to understand factors that can cause a delay in the treatment or even in the inspection.

It Depends on the Type of Treatment

As we mentioned above that time required to conduct inspection or treatment depends on the types of Pest Control Treatment. To give you a proper idea of how can type of treatment can affect the time required for treatment we are explaining some of our jobs.

Regular Pest Control Treatments without any Active Infestation

If we are conducting Pest control on a small residential unit which is located in a complex having dozens of units, then we will take approximately 30 Minutes. We would like to mention here that it will be a straight forward regular pest control treatment job and we don’t have to deal with any active pest infection or pest related issues.

In this type of job, no other services or work are needed we just have to spray/ apply the pesticides and we are done. Normally these types of treatment are required under an annual service or schedule inspection.

These types of jobs only include internal perimeter spray, along with gelling of the kitchen cupboards and drawers, dusting of the roof void and that’s it.

Types of Pests: This type of job will be effective against the everyday type pests such as ants, cockroaches, spiders, silverfish, etc.

Time Required: 30 Minutes

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Pest Control With An Active Infestation

Normally, People having an active infestation in their premises hire us for solving the issue from its root. These types of jobs are advanced jobs and take a bit longer time duration, it can be anything between an hour and a half to a maximum of two hours. This type of jobs requires more groundwork such as:

  • Identifying the issue.
  • Keep customer updated.
  • Finding the root of the problem.
  • Determining the best solution.
  • Applying/ spraying the pesticides.
  • Preventative measures
  • Final inspection

Sometimes we have to perform internal spray, crack and crevice dusting, internal gel baiting, roof void dusting, weep holes on the outside, dusting in the wall cavities along with spray at the lawn,  gardens, and yard. The answer to the question of how long does pest control take? Will in these cases also depends on how big the area is and how badly it is infested.

Types of Pests: Most of the pests get treated in this type of treatment. These types of treatment are effective against ants, cockroaches, spiders, rodents, bedbugs, tick, rodents, etc.

Time Required: These jobs require around 1½ hours.

Termite Barrier Installation

Termite Barrier Installation or treatment is a complex method to keep termite away. Normally a single technician will take around 16 hours to complete the job. To complete the job faster we put two technicians so normally the complete job gets finished in 8 to 9 hours.

Sending a single technician is not a great idea because he will do all the work alone for two days on his own which includes but not limited to digging, drilling, and trenching. These works require too much physical activity and maintaining the workflow for two straight days will be not good for a single technician.

Our process of installing the termite barrier is simple we trench in the soiled area around the structure of hone. We will also trench down to the footing and then we will apply 10 litres of Termidor solution per meter and then we will backfill the soil again.

Thus we will build a continuous barrier to prevent any pest attack. To protect the complete structure we will drill small 10mm holes in all concrete areas, and then we will inject the Termidor product in them too. This will provide 360° protection to the complete structure.

Type of Pests: Termites

Time Required: 8 hours with two technicians.

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What May Cause Unexpected Delay?

Pest Control can be an easy job most of the time but sometimes it gets too complicated. Not just control treatment but also the inspection process.  Especially in the case of termites, because they usually choose places that are hard to find and hard to reach. They also get deeper and deeper if they felt insecure thus if the root of the problem found easily otherwise it will take time.

How long does pest control take to eliminate the pests from your area depends on the nature of the job, If the job is straight forward then we will take a half-hour to complete it but if there is an active pest infestation the process will take time.

For Example, in the case of bed bugs, we have to got to disassemble the beds and furniture including bedside drawers, etc. and it can take up to two complete days.

Can Customers Wait Around or Do They Have to Leave?

It also depends on what type of pesticide technicians are using in the treatment, if they are using pesticides that can cause infection, allergy, or any health issue then you can leave the house for a few hours even after completion of treatment.  However, make sure to consult with the technicians, because they will give you a better suggestion.

However, If any family member has some time of infection issue or health issue then you must maintain some distance from the area for a few hours. Even if you have pets then we will suggest you leave the premises for a few hours.

I hope you now have an idea about how long does pest control take for completing a job. If you want to know more about time and cost you can contact us by making a call or direct from the contact us form. Pest control corp is one of the most reputed company and we assure you that we will complete the job in less time and at affordable costs.

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