How Often Pest Control Should be Done

How Often Should Pest Control be Done at Your Home & Property?

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Pests are nuisance creepy creatures and they can cause harm to human health, wealth happiness and their property. As per various reports, demand for Pest control services are increasing in the last few years and it is expected to almost double in the near future. There are many reasons behind this rapid growth, but the main question that needs our attention is How Often Should Pest Control be Done to prevent any pest attack? And we will help you to find the answer.

The demand for Pest Services is increasing because the pest attack is increasing and it is happening due to climate change and decrease of natural elements (forests, trees, plains etc.). Pests want food and they love warm places and luckily both requirement can be fulfilled at human properties. That’s why residential and commercial places become the place where these pests stay without our foreknowledge. Keep your people and property safe from pests we need to prevent their entry and if they are already there then we need to eliminate them.

How Often Should Pest Control be Done?

After experiencing some symptoms, if you think that pest infestation is just started, then you are already being overrun with them. You shouldn’t wait until you need pest control to have it done. As for the pest control frequency, then the gap between follow-up treatments can be only determined by a variety of different factors, which are listed below.

The Quality of the Pest Control Measures Used

If your hired Pest Control Company used effective and long-lasting solution in the treatment and treated source and every single corner and cracks and after the treatment, there are no symptoms at your place then Congrats you are well protected and the gap between follow-up treatments can be longer. But if the treatment was not that effective then you will need frequent Pest control services.

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Type of Pest

To know how often should pest control be done, you need to identify the pest and their type. Pests can be categorised into three categories nuisance, dangerous, and destructive. Nuisance Pests don’t cause any serious illness in humans and they do not even destroy the structure of your home. Pests such as silverfish, box elder bugs, stink bugs, bed bugs, moles, etc., come under this category.

Dangerous pests such as fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, rodents, venomous spiders, cockroaches, some bees have the potential to spread the illness to humans and pets. Destructive pests such as termites, carpenter ants, mice, and squirrels can cause lots of damage to your property and some pests also caries viruses and diseases so they are also very dangerous for your health. Now in the case of Nuisance Pests, you can allow some gap, but dangerous and destructive pests are harmful and you need frequent pest control solution.

The Severity of the Infestation

If the pest problems are very common in your area or you often face a serious level of pest problem then you need well planned and frequent pest control solution to prevent the pest attack. Basically, Pests doesn’t make their full presence easily, so It is important to note that the best way to treat a pest infestation is to prevent their occurrence because as you know prevention is better than cure.

Entry Points

How well the entry points were identified and plugged or repaired is important to know How Often Should Pest Control be Done. If the entry points are still open for pests then we will advise you to block them because if they remain open then the Pest problem is not going to reduce and your property will need frequent Pest Control treatments.

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Pest Control Technician’s Prevention Advice

The frequency of Pest treatment also depends on how well you followed the pest control technician’s prevention advice. Pest control technician has the knowledge and experience so if they suggested you something, then it will help you to prevent the future pest attack. So ask yourself.

Precautionary Measurements

By following some precautionary measurements you can avoid Pest Control treatment for a longer period. These precautionary measurements include: Covering food, using air-tight food containers, cover trash cans, repair cracks and water leakage etc.


Clean areas are less prone to the pest attack. Pests are shy creatures and they love warm and dusty places so if you will keep the area inside and outside clean then there is a great chance that they will not attack your area and if by by chance they did they will be caught easily.

If your home, office and other commercial places get infected very often or you are living in an area that is very prone to the pest attack, then we will suggest you to save the number of a reputed pest management house that provide services in your area and request inspection on a monthly basis and treatment services at the three-month gap. But normally pest control treatment on a half-yearly basis is completely fine. Meanwhile, in Australia, there are a few areas where yearly inspection and treatment are also enough to prevent any pest attack.

So finally you know how often should pest control be done so take care of your people and property and call pest control company on a timely basis. If you are facing Pest problems and looking for a reliable Pest Control company then Pest Control Corp will be a wise choice. Pest Control Corp has been providing Pest Control Services in and around Sydney for the last ten years. They will have a team of Pest Control experts and with knowledge, understanding, effective pesticides, and all the resources. They use Eco-friendly solutions and provide Safe and permanent solution. Pest Control Sydney provides Residential, commercial and strata Pest Control services at affordable costs. So make a move and request a free inspection by calling on 02-8123-0986.

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