Is Pest Control Safe for Babies

Is Pest Control Safe for Babies? Risks and Safety Tips

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Parents of young children, babies or toddlers usually avoid pest control treatment due to the said risks it involves. But are the facts true? or is there something that needs to be revealed? We will find out is pest control safe for babies or not, here in this article, so stay with us.

Pest are nuisance creatures that cause harm to humans, pets, and structure, but to be sure about the safety of babies from Pest Control, we have to examine some important factors and their impact on humans especially on kids along with risk from pests to babies.

We also have to find out what parents can do when it comes to exterminating pests from their home, whilst protecting the health of their children, but before that we need to understand the changes in Pest control over the years, So let’s find the answer.

Babies are not Safe with Pests

Pests cause lots of trouble, but most people ignore minor problems, but can you afford to ignore these problems if you have babies in your house? Know, Right, It is because all those troubles can be worsened. Especially, you can’t take the chance of ignoring health issues, if you know very well that these creepy crawlers can spread fatal diseases.

The list of diseases is very long, but here are some known ones Malaria, dengue fever, Bacillus cereus, Lyme Disease, Rat-bite fever, Chloriomeningitis, Spotted Fever, and E. coli, Rickettsialpox, Ehrlichiosis, Babesiosis, Leptospirosis, Chikungunya, Favus, Dermatitis, Murine typhus, Salmonella, Rocky Mountain, Shigella dysenteriae, Typhus, West Nile Virus, Tapeworm, Tularemia, etc.

But Fatal diseases are not the only health issue you need to worry about. There are many pests which don’t spread disease, but still they can cause some serious health issues such as allergic reactions, infections, red marks on the body, etc. Additionally, there are some unique bacterial contaminations caused by pests and animals which can make your babies sick. So, in the way of finding an answer, is pest control safe for babies? We found that Pests are harmful for babies and not pest control.

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Changes in Pest control Over the Years

There is enough evidence that a few days ago pest control was being done with highly toxic pesticide such as Organophosphates, but now time has been changed. Whether it is method, solution, pesticide or market everything in the Pest control world has changed significantly over the years. Various organisations and government departments introduced regulations in order to make pest control more effective as well as safe for humans and the environment. Now treatment is performed with government approved pesticides which also need to follow the guidelines of a food safety and quality management systems.

Most of the solutions which are being used in pest control are following all the guidelines and satisfying the requirements of respected food safety and quality management systems such as ISO, BRC, HACCP, FSSC, GFSI, SQF and also of WHO and US FDA as per the region.

Nowadays, staff of a pest control company gets proper training and practice before joining the crew on-field work. And they also go through time to time training sessions so they can improve their skill and understanding. Which was not possible a few years back.

Additionally, technology has grown up in all these years and now we have better machines and equipment and they can do wonders in pest control work. Especially the spray machines get a serious upgrade and they are now very effective and time saving.

Pest Control companies are starting to utilize technology and eco-friendly pesticides. One of the examples is Cislin-25, which is a much safer product, and it is often used within homes, childcare centres and hospitals. Now if the chemical is concerned, then, chemicals nowadays are applied in a controlled manner, only if it is needed.

So in summary, along with products, almost everything in Pest control has been changed from equipment to technicians which makes it much safer overall, especially for children. But still if the question is pest control safe for children? Is buzzing in your mind and making you worried about the safety of your kids then here is something that can help you to ensure the safety of your kids.

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What can Parents Do to Best Prepare for the Treatment?

A parent can do a lot of things with young children ahead of having their home treated. It is also a great step to prepare yourself and your kids and also ask your pest control technician before pest control is carried out. Here are a few things you can consider.

Avoid Over the Counter Remedies and DIY Approach

Over the Counter Remedies and DIY Approach can be fun at initial but painful after some time. These can solve minor problems temporarily, but without proper quantity, knowledge of pesticide these can cause harm to you and your family. And there is a huge risk involved in the process of applying these Over the Counter Remedies because no one knows the exact effect of them on your skin. On the other hand, professional pest control treatments are always applied using strategically measured amounts and by utilizing specialised equipment.

Inform technician about Allergies and illnesses

You should always inform a hired pest control technician about any allergies or illnesses your child, children, babies or toddlers may have before the treatment begins. So that your Professional pest controllers will consider it before choosing the pesticides and also will be able to provide you with the best guidance and advice. Thus, by informing them you are ensuring safety for your babies.

Ask about the process and Method

Actually pest control completely depends on the method they choose for the treatment. So if you informed them about the allergies or illnesses your children may have then they will take care of it, but to ensure more, ask your pest control technician about the process and the method they are going to utilize to treat your home.

It is important to be aware about the actual process and pesticides because there are still some companies which use cheap and dangerous pesticides in the treatment.

Stay or go?

This question is more common than our main question which is — Is pest control safe for babies? People most of the time ask this question to Pest control technicians, it is because of the safety of home, and other stuff during treatment along with tension that they have to live outside for a couple hours.

But actually vacating your home is a personal choice, but it doesn’t hurt. Even after all, If you have concerns for the safety of your children, then it would be a wise choice to take their kids to the local park or somewhere during treatment simply as a precaution. Technicians usually take 1 – 1.5 hours for providing Pest Control treatment, thus you also don’t have to wait for so long.

Ask for a safety data sheet

Most of the reputed Pest control companies keep a safety data sheet, that contains some very vital information about the chemical, method, safety tips, process, and safety concern. The data sheet also provides details about whether or not they have passed Australian codes and safety regulation standards, thus ask your hired pest control technicians for a safety data sheet before the treatment begins.

If you still have concerns or want more information about the safety measurement then it will be a wise decision to talk with a pest control company.

To keep your family and especially babies safe from pest attacks you should look to have a pest control treatment done at regular intervals, typically on an annual basis or more often if required. Pest Control treatment from a professional Pest control and management house is not that costly, so contact a reliable pest control company and book an inspection.

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