Is Pest Control Safe for Pets

Is Pest Control Safe for Pets? Risk and Solution Know Here

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Pets are considered as a family member in most of the houses. They bring joy to us and it is always a wonderful experience to have pets because they are loyal and make us happy all the time and that’s why most pet owners want to know – Is pest control safe for pets or not.

Whether you have a parrot, cat, dog or even goldfish, they are living things and need proper care and love from the family members. You have to take care of their food, health and take them to the vet on a regular basis and more. Thus if We already accepted their importance in human life then their safety is also incredibly important.

We can’t risk their health and life but getting rid of pests is also necessary for a healthy home and healthy living. So how will you balance both? You will get the answer to both questions in this article.

Before anything else, inform the experienced pest control company that you have pets in your house and also ask them is their pest control solutions are safe for pets? Pest Control can be safe if the company uses pet-friendly chemicals and other required safety precautions.

How Harmful Pest Control Chemicals Can be for Pets?

Pest control chemicals can be very harmful to pets. Normal and in a limited use is not life-threatening but it can cause some serious health problems. Normally most of the chemical-based pest control solutions use toxic chemicals so even if your dog or cat eats a pest killed with these chemicals it can be really harmful to your pet.

Furthermore, getting into direct contact of pesticides can be more harmful and in this case, you may have to consult with your doctors. The major problem is that sometimes signs and symptoms of getting in contact with pesticides appear after a few days of pest control so you need to pay special attention to your pets and if something seems different in their behaviour then take them to a vet.

So I hope you got the answer of is pest control safe for pets? But we want to mention here that not all pesticides are harmful, eco-friendly, organic, and target-based pesticides cause negligible to none harm.

Is there any Solution?

There are eco-friendly target-based methods and pesticides are available and some experienced pest control companies also use them in their pest control treatment. So If you are hiring a pest control company make sure that they use eco-friendly-target based pesticides only. Another option is Wait for the applied pesticide to dry before your pets get near the product. You can keep pets away for a few hours from the area where pest control treatment has been performed.

Eco-Friendly Target Based Bio-Pesticides

Organic and eco-friendly pest control methods are generally less environmentally damaging and less to no toxic to non-targeted insects, mammals and aquatic life. These can be easily used in pest control methods and these methods are safe for pets.

These methods don’t have strong chemicals and getting into contact with them is also not harmful, so if you are worried about your pet’s health and the question “Is pest control safe for pets?” is bussing in your mind then ask your pest control technicians to only use eco-friendly target based solutions.

How to Keep Pets Safe and Reduce the Risk of your Pet Coming in Contact with Pesticides?

  • Inform the pest control company that you have pets in your house and also ask them is their pest control solutions are safe for pets? In this way, they will be ready to perform pest control keeping your pet in mind. You can tell him what kind of pet you have and according to that, technicians will give you instructions and always follow the instructions they are providing.
  • Check details provided on the label of the product and follow them strictly.
  • If the Pest control is happening inside of your home, make sure to keep windows and doors open, so the chemical and its smell can be passed out in less time.
  • Keep your pets in a safe place so that they are not exposed to harmful insect chemicals. In cases, when you have dogs and cats, you can easily leave them at your neighbour’s house or your friend’s house until the pest control is complete.
  • It is necessary to keep them away from the area where pest control is being conducted because pets such as dogs and cats are very curious animals and they have a tendency to observe everything that is new to them. When you call an Exterminator, it will bring a lot of equipment and chemicals with you and will have the chance to consume your pet’s chemicals, directly or indirectly.
  • When we talk about fishes and reptiles, you need to make additional preparations for them because they cannot be taken out. So, you can cover their tank properly by making sure that no liquid or vapour can enter the tank.
  • If you have birds then take them out and cover your habitat with a long cloth/ Plastic or cover.

Pets also Require Pest Control

Pests not only cause harm to humans but they are equally harmful to the pets too.  There are various Pest-related illnesses that can harm your pet so It is necessary to check them on a regular basis for infestations.

Pests like Ticks, Fleas, Mosquitoes, etc, are some of the pests that are common and harmful to pets and A well-planned Pest Control can help you in keeping your pets safe. Pets are considered as our family and we should take care of them just as another family member. Pest control is an activity that contains the use of harmful chemicals which may cause some serious health problems to us and our pets as well.

If you are looking for a pest control company that can conduct pest control while keeping pets in mind then you can contact us. Pest Control Corp is one of the most reputed pest control companies in Australia and we can provide pest control with organic and eco-friendly solutions at affordable costs. So Call us now and get rid of pests from your home and office without worrying about your wonderful pets.

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