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Weird Pest Control Myths with their Unknown Facts

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Very few people have the proper knowledge of pests and pest control and all the other people believe the things they heard from their neighbours, relatives, friends, workmates, and family members. Hence, there are some Weird Pest Control Myths, and there is no easy way available to find facts and truth. Thus, as a Professional Pest Control Company, we’ll take a look at some of the most common myths and how to properly safeguard your home.

Almost everyone hates pests due to their engagement in activities that are harmful to human and human concerns. That’s why people attempt to get rid of them as soon as possible. Most pests do have an unpleasant smell, side effects, or carry disease. All these are easily noticeable if you have pests in your house. But there are some pests that remain unnoticed for months and cause some serious structural issues to your premises. In this article, we are going to debunk some of the most common pest control myths and also explain the truth or fact accordingly.

Myth 1: DIY Approach can Solve the Problem

Although the DIY approach or pest control methods may work temporarily on initial/ minor pest problems, it can’t solve the pest problem from their root. And if you applied market-based products without knowing how extensive your problem is then it can cause backfire. That’s why don’t go with the DIY approach, and especially when most of the pest control companies provide a free inspection. Call the best pest control company in your area and let them conduct an inspection and they will handle each and everything. They will element all the pests and also implement measures to prevent it from being an issue again.

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Myth 2: Only Strong Chemicals Can Treat Pest Infestations

There are some chemicals that are hazardous for each and everything that come in contact. And that’s why most of the people are afraid of chemical-based pesticides and spray. But Only Strong Chemicals Can Treat Pest Infestations is a Myth because there are some non-chemical pesticides that are also available and they are equally effective. Organic and eco-friendly pests are also effective and they are also not that strong so you don’t have to worry about it.

We would like to inform you that not all chemical pesticides are harmful there are only a few, and at present time most of the companies are using a method which is referred as Integrated pest management (IPM), which includes preventative treatment by using natural and eco-friendly solutions to solve pest issues.

Myth 3: Cats will Keep my Property Free from Rats and Mice

Cats are considered as predators of rats and mice but it is not 100% true. Most cat-owners know that a cat will do the opposite of what you want them to do. Thus relying on a cat to catch all the mice around your property is not a good idea.  First of all, rats choose and live in spots or areas where cats can’t reach easily and the second thing we would like to mention here is that cats will catch or chase rats only when they are in a playful mind.

Cat chasing rats look cool on screens only and in reality, you get much better results by hiring a pest control company.  So don’t let these Pest Control Myths influence your mind, call us now.

Myth 4: Clean Homes Don’t Have Pest Problems

Even the owner of the neatest home can face pest problems but yes pests don’t like clean areas so they will avoid these places.  Pests don’t discriminate based on cleanliness and any bug looking for food, shelter, water, and, a suitable environment will never care about the area. You just have to block entry to your home otherwise there’s always a chance that they’ll keep on coming.

Finding them at a messy place is hard and these places also provide them lots of hiding spots so this is the reason that this myth is so common. After encountering pests in your area you need to call a pest control company to treat for any existing infestations and you can also ask about any possible entry points. Just make sure to block all the entry points and fill all the gaps and cracks.

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Myth 5: Stinging Insects Only Attack When Provoked

It is one of the very common myths we all probably heard about that if you don’t bother wasps, bees, yellow jackets, etc., they’ll not bother you. But it is not 100% true, these bugs will sting if they feel that they or their colony is being threatened. But intentionally or unintentionally going too close to their nest is also risky, and it also becomes more dangerous if you don’t have any idea about where the nest is.

These insects also cause some allergic effects even without using their sting, thus if there is an active nest nearby you or family members are possibly at risk. Just keep in mind that honey bees can only sting once, but there is no such limitation in case of wasps and yellow jackets.

Myth 6: Cheese is the Best Food for Attracting Mice

Cartoons are entertaining but they do not always tell you the truth. Studies suggest that instead of cheese mice are more attracted to foods having a high sugar content, so you can use other food items which have a high sugar content on your mouse traps.  You can also place nesting materials such as feathers or straw on the mouse traps, these will be more attractive items for the mice.

Myth 7: Bed Bugs Only Live in Dirty Beds

It is completely wrong, bed bugs can live in the cleanest of beds too, they just want blood places where blood is available they will reach there and make it their home. As we said in the point above the myth that bed bugs only live in dirty environments stems from the fact that in messy or dirty areas they are hard to find so if your beds are clean and having bed bugs then you’ll notice them a lot faster.

Myth 8: You can Control Pests with Ultrasonic Repellents

It is true that Ultrasonic repellents are effective against pests but no one knows for how much time. As the pests are adaptive to the condition there is a great possibility that bugs will quickly become used to sound of ultrasonic insect repellents which are easily available in the market. Thus this method will work for a long time. Thus if you have an insect infection in your home or office then hiring a professional pest control service provider will be a great move to make your home or office completely pest free.

Myth 9: Brick and Concrete Slab Homes Are Termite Proof

Yes, it is true that termites don’t eat brick or concrete, but they surely can crawl over them to reach their favourite food sources, and what can be better than wooden beams, which are used to construct the premises.

We would like to mention here that the cost of repairing termite damage can be much higher than hiring a pest control company. Termites are the most destructive homeowners spend a lot of money to repair the structure of their premises damaged by termites, many homeowners even spend in only termite bonds to protect their homes. Thus termites can cause some serious problems. A pest control company provides one time or schedule inspection and prevention treatments and as per chosen plan, they will come out to inspect and treat your property. They are also having some warranties and insurance features so if they miss something, they can pay for repairs to any termite-related damage. Thus hiring them is far better than spending huge amounts of money on repairing the damaged home structure.

Myth 10: Professional Pest Control is Harmful

Many people believe that pest control companies use too many chemicals or strong chemicals that are harmful to us. We want to make it clear that these pest control myths are completely false, as we explained earlier there are some very dangerous chemical pesticides, but pest control companies are more professional these days and fact is that they can’t use harmful or unproven or banned products otherwise their license will be suspended.

Reputed and experienced professional pest control companies conduct treating at their customers’ homes with respect and with full care. They ensure the complete elimination of pests and also make sure that the solution lasts long so the pests avoid entering in your home for a longer time. Just understand that they are professionals for a reason so don’t care about these myths.

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The above we debunk 10 most common Pest Control Myths, but there are many more Bizarre Myths and the fact are not really known by many people. So before coming to some decision make sure to consult with a pest control company located in your area or talk to a known person who has hired a pest control company to solve pest related issues in their home and office.

There are many Pest Control companies in Australia and if you are looking for a reliable and reputed one then you can call us, We Pest Control Corp are one of the most reputed pest control and management houses in Australia.

We have a team of experts, years of experience and all the resources, so we can provide the best possible pest control solution at your home and office to keep the pest away. You can visit our official website and request an inspection, and also reach their centres located in cities all across Australia.

Forget about all the myths and just remember Prevention is better than cure, thus keep your place hygiene and don’t be shy to contact the Best Pest Control Service Provider in Australia.

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