Pest Control vs Exterminator

Pest Control vs Exterminator: Which One is the Best?

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Before talking about Pest Control vs Exterminator, we have to understand the good and bad side of pests and why killing them can be more harmful than having them.

Pests are creepy nuisance creatures who don’t know about boundaries, they just want food, a favourable space to increase their population, and lots of hiding spots. Now, to get all these basic facilities, they enter our premises and cause a lot of problems.

They cause health issues, spread fatal diseases, disturb our daily life, cause damage to the structure, they bite or sting us and contaminate our food items. Due to all these messes, people hate them and it is not completely wrong, but there is another side of it which represents them as creatures who play an important role in the environment and our planet’s ecology.

That’s why we need to understand the difference between pest control and pest exterminator and we also have to understand when to call them.

Difference between Pest Control and Pest Exterminator

As you already know pest control consists of various methods and types. The exterminator is different from the pest management professional in many ways, but the basic difference is the way or method they use to solve an active pest-related problem.

Exterminators and their Extermination Services

Exterminators normally solve the problem with some powerful chemical pesticides, thus if terms like “destroy completely,” “kill,” “put to death,” “erase from existence,” etc. come into your mind after hiring them then trust me your mind is in the correct way. They are known for killing pests with some very strong pesticides.

Exterminators will spray chemicals at each and every corner for a few hours and during the treatment or even after 2-3 hours you can’t enter your own house. And when you do then there will be a massacre of all the pests, the scene will have dead cockroaches belly-up all over the floor, and other bugs falling from the ceiling.

But this scene is only possible if the process does work, as per report around 32% Exterminator treatment gets failed or less effective. In 15% of cases, pets get back into property after a few weeks.

After the effectiveness, one other major disadvantage of extermination services or method is that their strong chemicals can cause harm to the plants, pets and humans, and also the environment.

If we talk about one more disadvantage of extermination methods is that it costs more due to the safety gear, spray machines and powerful pesticides. Thus, there are more disadvantages of extermination services compared to the advantages/ benefits. To explain more about pest control vs exterminator, we put the pros and cons of the exterminator and pest extermination services. Now let’s take a look at the pest control and management professionals.

Pest Control and Pest Control Services

Pest control and management is something new, something advanced. With the pest control methods, pest control companies try to manage/ solve the pest problem in a way that keeps these creatures away from our homes while protecting the environment, both inside our homes and in nature.

Pest Control methods play an important role in slowing down their population growth, that seems to be more effective than killing them.

In pest control methods Eco-friendly pesticides are being used to solve the problem. In some cases, chemical pesticides are being used, but these chemical pesticides are less hazardous and target based. Thus, they cause very less to none damage to nature and other species.

Pest Control Companies and their technicians not just use safe and Eco-friendly pesticides, but they also tend to be more educated and have vast knowledge about techniques, methods, equipment, pests, and other resources. They receive intensive training and depth with a variety of pests and pest issues.

Before the inspection, they will conduct pest inspection and write down all their observations for the most effective and targeted treatments. During their inspection and treatment, they are more focused on finding the root of the cause and treating the problem from the root. Thus, they keep pests away from the site for as long as possible.

Pest Control Companies will also block all the hiding spots and entry points before leaving the site and also perform the cleaning. Additionally, the homeowners also don’t have to leave the site normally, but if they have allergies or some health issue they can stay outside until the compliance of the treatments.

At last in this pest control vs exterminator, we just want you to summarize the complete comparison. With the same goal, pest control is better than exterminator services, because it is safe, eco-friendly, target-based and costs a few bucks less than the exterminator services.

Gone are the days when you just had to pick up the phone and say” I need an ant/ cockroach or a rodent exterminator now!” Now people understand that pests also play an important role in maintaining balance in this world. Thus give priority to the Pest control professionals such as Pest Control Corp and save your premises as well as the world.

Pest Control Corp is one of the reputed pest control service providers in Sydney and has been providing Residential, commercial and strata pest control services for the last 10 years. We have a great team of well-trained technicians, target-based Eco-friendly pesticides, all the equipment and years of knowledge and experience, and by combining all we can help you get rid of the active pest invasion at your premises. So, contact us now and let us solve the pest problem without harming the environment and nature.

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