Signs You Might Have Termites

8 Signs You Might Have Termites in Your Property

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Termites are also known as white ants and their fleet is infamous for damaging the wooden items and building structures. They not only cause damages to your property but also cause financial loss. But there are some signs that indicate that you might have termites infestation in your property. If you encounter these signs you might have termites in your home and office.

As per various reports, these tiny creatures attack nearly 180,000 premises in Australia alone every year. Some minor, some major but the problem is that these creatures grow very rapidly and a white ant queen is able to lay around 7000 eggs a day. Thus it becomes important to identify the initial signs and symptoms and solve the problem from the root level to avoid the risk and save some hard-earned money.

In this article, we are going to list down some common signs that will signal you that your home is infested by termites.

8 Signs You Might Have Termites

These tiny-silent bulldozers can destroy your house from the inside out without your knowledge. Thus looking for the signs that inform you about their existence is vital, If you encounter these signs you might have termites. Thus time to time inspection is important for your own safety as well as keeping wooden items safe inside your area.

1. Damaged Timber

White ants or termites love eating the wood from the inside out, thus if you encounter damaged timber and even weak or uneven wood then inspect it very carefully because it is a major sign of having termites in your property. Termites are well known for damaging the wooden items or wood by eating and chewing them. If you encounter damaged timber in your property contact a pest control company as soon as possible.

2. The Smell of Mould, Mildew or Rotting Timber

Very few people have knowledge of this sign, so if your property has termite infestation then the smell of mould or rotting timber in your property will be very common. This odour occurs because large infections are eating the wood. So, if you smell the mould and sure that there is no other reason for the smell you should call Pest Control Corp today. Another sign you might have termites is that these creatures produce moisture during feeding the wooden items, So keep an eye out for damp or faded wood!

3. Windows that are Hard to Open

When wood gets into contact with moisture or water then it gets thicker but if it is not the case, and now easy-to-open window and doors is now hard to manoeuvre then termites could be the culprit behind this. Termite or white ants normally choose places which are not easy to reach for the human and their predators so maybe they found a new home in your windows and doors and eating the wood from the inside without getting caught. So, inspection by a reputed pest control company is a must.

4. Clicking Sounds Coming from Wooden Items or inside the Walls

The fleet of termites features Soldier termites and Working termites when the soldier termites sense danger they shake their bodies and hence the sound of clicking get produced. However, a similar sound also gets produced when large infestations are eating the wood.

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5. Wings Dropped Around Your Home

If you’ve noticed discarded wings or wings dropped at your place, then you might have termites in your property and especially the flying termites. They don’t bite normally but their presence in the property can cause you to harm in many different ways. Thus If you encounter a build-up of discarded wings, You need to contact a reputed pest control company as soon as possible.

6. Presence of ‘Frass’

A dark powdery thing that it pushed out of the termite tunnels in the area they have inhabited is known as Frass or termite droppings. It is a very common sign that signals that your property has a termite infestation. Carpenters/ Woodworkers these days apply some short of termite preventative layer on plywoods and termites that provide a long-lasting termite preventative solution.

7. Holes and Tunnels in Wood

These termites spend their whole life eating wood while doing that they continue making webs of tunnels in the woods or wooden items. If you have pests in your property then you can easily notice holes and tunnels in the wooden items, and if you did then you should call a reputed pest control company located in your area.

8. Active and Flying Termites

Seeing them active, wandering and flying is an obvious sign of having termites inside your property. Flying termites, or swarms, is the most visible sign. It is the sign that either they are entering 9into your premises or changing their inhabitants, and both are not good at all. Thus Make sure to contact a pest control company at the earliest stage.

That’s it, these are the top 8 signs you might have termites in your property, and you should call a reputed termite exterminator as soon as possible.

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