Why Pest Control during COVID-19 Pandemic is more Important than Ever?

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It is now the 6th month under the fear, depression and economic crisis caused by COVID 19, People have been told to learn to live with it. Businesses, organization and manufacturer are going through a tough time and they have to try their best to survive in this period of global health and economic crises. Except for the Food, health care products and essential stuff, almost everything is on hold. In this time pest will either grow very rapidly due to a non-disturbance environment or they will change their places in search of food, and that’s why Pest Control during the COVID-19 pandemic is more important than ever.

Pests are infamous for spreading fatal diseases and rodents can be considered as the kingpin of spreading diseases, Just rodents and their ectoparasites are known for spreading over 30 pathogenic protozoa, bacterias, viruses. But rodents are not the only pests who spread the diseases and diseases are not the only thing that can put us against pests.

Along with Rodents, pests such as flies, termites, ants, mosquitos, cockroaches, stored product insects, fleas, ticks, bed bugs, spiders, silver fishes, etc. are a  threat for health, wealth, happiness and the structure of the home/ building. Building structure in each and every sector, including hospitals, manufacturing plants, warehouses, food processing plants, education, hotels, offices, restaurants,  and residential accommodations are not safe if pests feature there, these places provide an ideal place to live, hide and enjoy for these opportunistic pests.

How Pests Impact Businesses during the Coronavirus

Buildings without proper deep cleaning can provide a perfect shelter for pests to live, breed, and eat, especially these days when there is little to no disturbance from people due to the lockdowns, and restrictions. Pests can damage the structure of buildings to gain access and to find food and hiding spots.

Pests are also risky on normal days because it causes the risk to the health of staff and customers additionally it also cause disturbance in the work environment. There are various reports that pests, especially the rodents caused huge financial losses and losses of equipment and electronic devices.

Presence of pest infestations is also enough for stress and anxiety. Reports stated that the 30-35% business houses admitted that the presence of pests causes bad impact on staff and their working. This shows the importance of pest control during the COVID-19 pandemic for businesses whether they keep operations running or closed.

Calling a Pest Control Service provider to conduct Pest control treatment is essential because at one side, it will keep the structure and electronic equipment safe and at another site it will reassure staff and customers that a building is safe to work in or visit when the lockdown will be lifted and business operations are restarted. Every business sector has areas prone to specific pest risks that could have a bad impact on health, finances and reputation.

How to Control Pests

Pests are evil creature and they cause harm to almost everything, whether it is health or building structure or plants. Hiring a Pest Control Company can solve all the problems by eliminating them from the property/ building and also keep them away for a long time, but there are few more prevention measurements which can be followed to protect the building and staff’s health. One of them is Regular maintenance, it is essential to prevent pests from taking advantage of weak points in buildings. But there are more listed below:

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How to Control Cockroaches and Rodents

  • Keep eyes on prone areas in the building, equipment, and delivery boxes to detect infestations quickly
  • Make sure to maintain a clean environment in the building especially in areas where food is handled, because any small residues of food, even from spills are enough for cockroaches and rodents.
  • Cockroaches and rodents can chew paper and cardboards and even wood so make sure to keep food items in air-tight containers.
  • Maintain drains in good condition, check and fix water leakage and keep the area dry.
  • Remove wastage from the area especially from food production area as soon as possible and keep food waste containers tightly closed and clean.
  • Remove all the routes of access into buildings by cutting down the tree branches which are providing a way to enter into your building. Additionally close and fill spaces around windows, doorways, pipe, cableways, vents, screens, sewers, etc.

How to Control Flies and other Tiny Sized Pests

  • In the case of the store, storage area, process and prepare food, etc. keep the area clean, and make proper arrangement for processing of waste.
  • If it is a canteen or kitchen areas apply standard hygienic practices.
  • Keep food waste bins Clean and also make sure that they are shut accurately.
  • Make sure to keep drains free of biofilms and accumulating organic material.
  • You can use screens on windows and vents, and also maintained them.
  • You can use automatic doors, roll-up doors, air curtains, vinyl strip doors, etc.
  • Keep doors and windows shut when not in use
  • Fix the gaps, cracks and leakage.
  • Buy and use LED insect light traps and pheromone traps to keep their growth and population in control

What if Birds are the Main Culprit?

Birds in the most of the part of the world don’t consider in pests but in some areas, they are nuisance creatures and that’s why we included it here.

  • keep doors and windows closed when not in use
  • Remove spillages quickly
  • Maintain cleanliness in waste storage areas and also keep containers shut
  • Use containers which are bird-proof
  • Find and block potential bird access points

How to Protect Stored Product?

  • Inspect food, food packages, food storage areas on a regular basis.
  • While receiving or purchasing food items look for broken packaging, freshness, packaged/use-by date.
  • Store foods in air-tight containers, even if you are storing them in a fridge or freezer.
  • Get rid of packages or food that is infested with pests
  • Finish older an opened products first.
  • Food storage areas such as shelves, cupboards, fridge need to be cleaned on a regular basis.

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How to Protect Commercial Places from Pests

Follow all the prevention measures from above, along with it you need to pay attention to some more things such as

  • Contact a pest control company and let them inspect your building, and follow their suggestions.
  • Regular deep cleaning is a must.
  • Remove Food wastage from the building frequently.
  • Implement a clear desk policy.
  • Keep doors shut when not in use.
  • Keep the kitchen area clean, and also fix leakage if any.
  • Encourage colleagues to report any pest sightings.
  • Train cleaning and maintenance staff
  • Hire Pest Control Company to conduct treatment during this lockdown period caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Importance of Pest control during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Pets are not that easy to get rid of, and they are also good at coming back and that’s why in this pandemic time when most of the offices, manufacturing plants, business houses, and other commercial places are closed conducting Pest control treatment will be beneficial for you, your business, your office building and also for the staff and working when they will back in the offices. This free time will also reduce health risks (if any) due to pesticides or chemical. Additionally, the building or commercial place will remain closed for some more time, and it will make the treatment more effective thus Pest control is essential for commercial places during the COVID-19 pandemic, for a bug-free resume of all the operations.

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