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Looking for the best pest control services in Ashfield?

Pest Control Ashfield: Let Experienced Experts Handle Your Pest Problems.

Pests are harmful for the environment and for your health. They can bring allergies and other infections, so you must get rid of them as soon as possible.

Pest Control Corp is a professional and certified pest control service provider in Ashfield and is your one stop solution for all your pest control needs. We are a full service pest management company located in Ashfield, NSW and serving clients throughout the Sydney metro areas and other locations in Sydney.

Pest Control Services Ashfield – It can be quite difficult to deal with pests at home. Pests are a complete nuisance for you and for your family as well. They can be really dangerous and even cause deadly diseases. So, if you are looking for the best pest control services in Ashfield, then you have come to the right place.

We at Ashfield Pest Control Corp have a huge team of experienced professionals who have been providing the best pest control services to the residents of Ashfield. Our technicians are highly trained, licensed and insured to make sure that they cover every aspect of your pest problem, including inspection, identification, removal and extermination.

They are dedicated to serve you 24×7 throughout the year and all you need to do is just call 1300 209 704 to book an appointment with our technician or get a free quote on our website.

Expertise in Treating All Pests Inside & Outside

Our Reliable Pest Control Services in Ashfield

Pest Control Corp Ashfield, NSW  is known for providing quality and long-lasting pest control services in Ashfield and nearby suburbs. We provide services at residential, commercials, industrial, strata, lawn, garden and agriculture areas. And all our services can be covered in 3 categories i.e. Residential Pest Control, Commercial Pest Control, and Strata Pest Control, all 3 are explained below.

Residential Pest Control Ashfield

Normally, people living in the home, farmhouse, and other residential places keep their premises clean and well organised but even after regular cleaning, these areas normally have many attractive things for these nuisances creatures. These creepy crawlers enter in our places in search of food, shelter, and a place to increase their population. Residential places are always at risk of a pest attack. Pests are known for causing lots of disturbance in our daily life, causing health issues and damaging the property. Thus, to keep everything safe and bug-free, Pest Control Corp offers cost-effective and long-lasting residential pest control services.

Commercial Pest Control Ashfield

Due to lack of proper and deep cleaning, the risk of pest attack on commercial places is high. These places like offices, restaurants, cafes, hotels etc. attract insects because they get cleanup, but not as much as necessary. That’s why bed bugs are so common in hotel beds. These creepy crawlers opt for these places because they get protection, leftovers, and lots of hiding spots. These creepy creatures not only spoil the work environment but can also damage equipment, documents, structures and employee health. Thus, for complete security, call Pest Control Corp today and work stress-free.

Strata Pest Control Ashfield

Strata properties are very complex types of properties due to interconnected walls and density. Regular inspections and pest control sprays are required to keep pests away at these locations. Our team members are well trained and have extensive experience working with both managers and owners. These properties are always prone to pest attack, thus whether you are a manager, owner, or tenant, if you want a reliable pest control company in Ashfield, Feel free to contact us today and get rid of all the pests.

Pest Control Corp - No. 1 Pest Control Company in Ashfield

Pest Control Corp is a well-reputed pest control and management service provider in Ashfield. We are ready to provide long term pest extermination services at your home and office. But if you want more reasons, then here they are.

Reason to choose Pest Control Corp Ashfield, NSW

  • 10+ years of unmatched experience
  • Good customer support and free consultancy and advice.
  • The treatment lasts longer.
  • Fast process, safe and effective pest control solutions.
  • Inspection and treatment schedule as per customer’s convenience
  • Background checked, Friendly, dedicated and professional pest control technician.
  • Simple procedure with the use of the latest technology and scientific methods.
  • Pest treatment with only government (CIB) approved chemicals.
  • Method and pesticide are safe for the environment and non-targeted species.
  • Convenient and affordable plan and pricing.
  • Schedule inspection and prevention treatment.

Contact Pest Control Ashfield Today, schedule an inspection and get rid of all the pest’s problems.

How do We Provide the Best Pest Control Treatment

Our pest control technicians are well trained and experienced and have practical knowledge of the work. Our working process is very simple and straightforward. Here are the steps that we will follow.

Step 1: Initial Inspection

After receiving your request, our Pest Control Corp office will likely visit your site on the same day. They will first ask you a few questions about the problem and the area where they appear the most, then, they will find the main area of the problem, hiding spots and entry points. During this long journey, we understood that we can’t solve the problem permanently without finding the root of the problem.

Step 2: Identify Problem and Create a Plan

We will identify the species of pests behind all the problems in your home or office. After receiving all the details, our technician will make a plan to solve the pest problem. We will choose the most effective pest control technique/solution, insecticide, to solve your problem.

Step 3: Implement Solutions

We will inform you of everything and the estimated cost for our pest control services Ashfield, if you agree on that, we will perform the necessary cleaning and repair work, or moving goods when needed. After making space for us, we will start spraying pesticides all over the area. We can spray up to 4 times of pesticides as per requirement. We will leave the area only after ensuring that no pest or area remains untreated.

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Ashfield, NSW is a suburb in Sydney's Inner West in the state of New South Wales, Australia. The suburb is located about 8 kilometres south-west of the Sydney central business district. The suburb is multicultural, and there are a number of grand Victorian buildings that tells us the story of the Ashfield's rich cultural heritage.

With a population of more than 23,841 (2016 census), Ashfield is a great place to live life happily, it has all the necessary amenities. The suburb has commercial areas, good transportation services, good education and centres. It also has various heritage places as well as natural attractions which makes it a great suburb.


For pest extraction from a property, most pest control and management companies use only government-approved and target-based pesticides, these chemical-based or organic pesticides do not harm non-target species, the environment, humans, and pets. Be sure to verify all details before closing the deal.
It really depends on various things, the time of pest treatment depends on the size of the area and how badly it is infected. It also depends on the type of insect. Additionally, it also takes a lot of time to find and block all entry points. Thus, there is no exact answer, but we can assure you that our response team will try to do everything as fast as possible.
No, We don’t use strong chemical-based pesticides. However, if you are hiring someone else and if you are sensitive or allergic to chemicals or odours then it would be a great idea to leave the area for a few hours. These days most pest control companies are using eco-friendly and target-based pesticides for pest control and they do not have any bad effect on humans and non-target species. However, people prefer to stay out until treatment ends. Thus it depends on the pest control agency, their method and pesticide, thus be sure to consult your pest exterminator before starting the treatment.