Pest Control vs Exterminator

Pest Control vs Exterminator: Which One is the Best?

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Before talking about Pest Control vs Exterminator, we have to understand the good and bad side of pests and why killing them can be more harmful than having them. Pests are creepy nuisance creatures who don’t know about boundaries, they just want food, a favourable space to increase their population, and lots of hiding spots. Now, to get all these basic facilities, they enter our premises and cause a lot of problems. They cause health issues, spread fatal diseases, disturb our daily life, cause damage to the structure, they bite or sting us and contaminate our food items. Due to all these messes, people hate them and it is not completely wrong, but there is another side of it which represents them as creatures who play an important role in the environment and our planet’s ecology. That’s why we need to understand the difference between pest control and pest exterminator…Read More
What is an Integrated Pest Management

What is an Integrated Pest Management (IPM)? Everything Explained!

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What is an integrated pest management? It is one of the few queries that people often ask our technicians, during the inspection. People normally get confused about what it is and how it works? They also believe that it is an advanced method of pest control, thus if you also want to know about integrated pest management then this article is for you. IPM is an acronym of Integrated Pest Management, it is an approach to pest management. It combines Prevention and control treatment, but it is more focused on prevention. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a very beneficial approach at commercial properties especially at food processing and food retail facilities having pest invasion. Integrated Pest Management provides a robust pest management Solution by treating the problem from its root. The IPM includes a number of practices to find out the root of the cause and treat it. The Integrated…Read More
Do's and Don'ts of Pest Control

Do’s and Don’ts of Pest Control – Must Know Before Pest Treatment

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Prevention is better than cure is an old saying that fits well in most of the problems where a huge loss is possible and engaged. Prevention is also essential for the peace of mind of the homeowner. But it is only beneficial if you don’t have an invasion in your property. If you have decided to do it yourself then this article with do's and don'ts of pest control can be very helpful. In case if you have pest invasion then nothing is better than calling pest control company. Dealing with Pest problem could be a difficult task, The process contains identifying the pest,  choosing the most suitable pesticide,  decide the quantity, and spray or apply the solution. It can be easy or extremely challenging depending on the type of pest and how bad the invasion is.  However here are a few points that will be really helpful in the…Read More
How Long Does Pest Control Take

How Long Does Pest Control Take? All You Need to Know!

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How Long Does Pest Control Take? It is one of the most frequently asked questions we get here at Pest Control Corp. Pests are stubborn creature, they neither run from home easily nor die easily. That’s why homeowners often want to know: What will be the overall cost? How much time required for inspection or treatment? Do they have to vacate the premises? And does the extra time will cost extra money? People are having a very busy schedule these days thus these questions are very common we get. But today we are going to answer this question we will also help you to understand factors that can cause a delay in the treatment or even in the inspection. It Depends on the Type of Treatment As we mentioned above that time required to conduct inspection or treatment depends on the types of Pest Control Treatment. To give you a…Read More
Pest Control Myths & Truth

Weird Pest Control Myths with their Unknown Facts

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Very few people have the proper knowledge of pests and pest control and all the other people believe the things they heard from their neighbours, relatives, friends, workmates, and family members. Hence, there are some Weird Pest Control Myths, and there is no easy way available to find facts and truth. Thus, as a Professional Pest Control Company, we’ll take a look at some of the most common myths and how to properly safeguard your home. Almost everyone hates pests due to their engagement in activities that are harmful to human and human concerns. That’s why people attempt to get rid of them as soon as possible. Most pests do have an unpleasant smell, side effects, or carry disease. All these are easily noticeable if you have pests in your house. But there are some pests that remain unnoticed for months and cause some serious structural issues to your premises.…Read More
Pest Inspection vs Pest Control

Pest Inspection vs Pest Control – The Difference Explained!

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Whether you're buying a new home or just encountered some pests on your premises, you need to worry about these creepy crawlers because they can cause harm to your health, home structure, and regular life. That’s why Pest Control is considered compulsory once in a year. The Complete Pest Control Treatment process features two important terms inspection and control treatment and today we are going to differentiate the both so here we are with Pest Inspection vs Pest Control. Basically the complete Pest extermination process can be divided into three parts, Pest Inspection Make Strategy Pest Control Treatment Pest inspections and pest control are part of the same process but they are different from each other but to create the perfect pest protection solution for your home or office both need to go hand in hand in a very synchronous way. Both are vital to make sure that pests are…Read More
Covid-19 Work Safety Plan by Pest Control Corp

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Work Safety Plan by Pest Control Corp

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In this pandemic situation, Pest Control Corp is observing the changes and requirements that can help us to be safe and also keep our customers safe from COVID-19 Spread. We are trying our best to keep our technicians as well and clients up to date and aware of the situation, effect, and precautionary measurements. As of now, we are continuing to provide our services as per booked schedules but we follow all the guidelines and safety measurements very strictly. We need your support too, If you as a customer are sick or concerned then it is our advice to contact our office immediately on 02-8123-0986 or Pest Control Corp’s technicians are also trained and instructed to strictly follow all the guidelines, safety measurements, and recommendations as released by Centres of Disease Control (CDC). By following them strictly we are ensuring our technician’s protection as well as protection of the…Read More
What to Do after Pest Control Sprays

What to Do after Pest Control Sprays to Stay Safe in your Home?

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Pests are not just nuisance creepy creatures but they are also dangerous for the humans or human concerns food, pets, and structure, etc. Pest control and management companies provide robust solutions with their pest control sprays and methods. Afte pest control sprays most home or office owners always have a question that is "what to do after pest control sprays?" and today we are here with the answer. Pests are infamous for doing bad things to nature, humans, and other animals, and pests such as cockroaches, rodents, flies, ants, spiders, and other insects, can be real trouble in our homes and offices. These pests also carry diseases that can be fatal sometimes, thus hiring a pest control service provider is the best move to get rid of them. And after the Pest control spray, people really want to ensure their family and pets are safe, and they directly or indirectly…Read More
Where Does Pest Control Spray in Apartments

Where Does Pest Control Spray in Apartments be Necessary? Preparation & Tips

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Apartments, with their numerous benefits, are perfect for living, Nowadays apartment complexes provide various facilities such as a pool, tennis court, laundry services, security, playground, regular maintenance, lawn care, scheduled pest control, etc., everything in-house makes life easier. If you also live in an apartment and wondering where does pest control spray in apartments then maybe we can provide you the best answer. It is very common that people living in Apartments avoid Pest control treatment due to the complex structures, density, and sometimes due to thinking about others. Meanwhile, in most of the apartments, Pest control solution gets sprayed on the outside only, But it doesn’t mean that the pest control company can’t provide inside service in the apartment. You just have to request inside service by sharing the pest-related problems with your apartment manager, and after examining the problem, he/ she will contact any Pest Control Service Provider,…Read More

Why Pest Control during COVID-19 Pandemic is more Important than Ever?

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It is now the 6th month under the fear, depression and economic crisis caused by COVID 19, People have been told to learn to live with it. Businesses, organization and manufacturer are going through a tough time and they have to try their best to survive in this period of global health and economic crises. Except for the Food, health care products and essential stuff, almost everything is on hold. In this time pest will either grow very rapidly due to a non-disturbance environment or they will change their places in search of food, and that’s why Pest Control during the COVID-19 pandemic is more important than ever. Pests are infamous for spreading fatal diseases and rodents can be considered as the kingpin of spreading diseases, Just rodents and their ectoparasites are known for spreading over 30 pathogenic protozoa, bacterias, viruses. But rodents are not the only pests who spread…Read More