Signs You Might Have Termites

8 Signs You Might Have Termites in Your Property

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Termites are also known as white ants and their fleet is infamous for damaging the wooden items and building structures. They not only cause damages to your property but also cause financial loss. But there are some signs that indicate that you might have termites infestation in your property. If you encounter these signs you might have termites in your home and office. As per various reports, these tiny creatures attack nearly 180,000 premises in Australia alone every year. Some minor, some major but the problem is that these creatures grow very rapidly and a white ant queen is able to lay around 7000 eggs a day. Thus it becomes important to identify the initial signs and symptoms and solve the problem from the root level to avoid the risk and save some hard-earned money. In this article, we are going to list down some common signs that will signal…Read More
Why is Pest Control Essential for Hospitals

Why is Pest Control Essential for Hospitals? (With Solution)

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As you probably read before in our previous posts that pests cause various health issues and fatal diseases, they carry various germs, bacterias, viruses and parasites. Their presence at hospitals and health care centres is too risky for the people who visit these places to get well as soon as possible and get solutions/ consultancy for their health issues. Pests also carry many types of viruses and bacteria. Pest infestation at Healthcare facilities disturbs the planned health care activities from top to bottom. If they reach into the premises then it will be hard to get rid of them. If they infest the important rooms such as ICU, patient’s rooms,  operation room and even at the medical store and staff room, then these rooms will be not of any use without proper pest control. In health care facilities, a hygienic environment plays an important role in the prevention of healthcare-associated…Read More
How to Choose Pest Control Service

How to Choose a Reliable Pest Control Service (The Best Way)

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As per a recently updated report, the pest control industry only in Australia has grown at a 2.6% rate between 2014-2019. Industry experts also expect that the industry will grow at double speed in between 2020-2025. Clearly, with such a stable growth rate, it is attracting many business houses to invest in it. With lots of new player in the market choosing the best one is tough work, thus here we are going to tell you how to choose pest control service for your home or office. Do You have a pest infestation on your property and are looking for a reliable Pest Control Company? Pest Control Corp can help You to get rid of pests. Even if you just need inspection then you can’t rely on just any pest control company. To protect your loved ones, pets and building structure you definitely have to choose the right company. To…Read More
When is the Right Time to Call a Pest Control Exterminator

When is the Right Time to Call a Pest Control Exterminator?

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Australia is a place where diversity can be easily seen in each and every living species. It is completely different from the rest of the world. The same diversity can be also seen in the pests too. Pest problems are actually very common here and to keep the residents, occupants or guests of your building safe and healthy it is necessary to call a reputed Pest Control and management company. But the question here is the When is the Right Time to Call a Pest Control Expert? In this post, we will discuss it in detail. Normally people go with the DIY approach at the initial stage sometime it works but in around 72% cases it doesn’t work. Reasons behind the failure of the DIY approach is the lack of proper knowledge. House owners don’t know about the proper process, appropriate pesticide, and how much quantity will be sufficient. So…Read More
Is Pest Control Safe for Pets

Is Pest Control Safe for Pets? Risk and Solution Know Here

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Pets are considered as a family member in most of the houses. They bring joy to us and it is always a wonderful experience to have pets because they are loyal and make us happy all the time and that’s why most pet owners want to know - Is pest control safe for pets or not. Whether you have a parrot, cat, dog or even goldfish, they are living things and need proper care and love from the family members. You have to take care of their food, health and take them to the vet on a regular basis and more. Thus if We already accepted their importance in human life then their safety is also incredibly important. We can’t risk their health and life but getting rid of pests is also necessary for a healthy home and healthy living. So how will you balance both? You will get the…Read More
Do I Need to Leave the House for Pest Control

Do I Need to Leave the House for Pest Control Treatment

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Do I need to leave the house for pest control? It is one of the questions customers ask us on a regular basis. Most of the people have this question buzzing in their mind before the pest control. Our Short answer is No, long gone are days where you need to leave the site. Actually we prefer that you don’t! In the last 10-12 years, there have been many changes in the pest control industry, their methods and products. Now there is no room for toxic and strong chemical pesticides, we replaced it with safe alternatives. We use environment-friendly target based pesticides which are also approved by the Government and various other health and food safety authorities. At the present time, there are various types of pesticides and pest control methods and pest control companies use them as per the requirements. So if you ask us, do I need to…Read More
Are Pest Control Chemicals Harmful

Are Pest Control Chemicals Harmful? Find the Answer Here!

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Different types of chemicals are used in the chemical method of pest control, these chemicals can be divided into 4 main categories i.e. pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, and rodenticides. Chemical methods are being used to eliminate pests from the property for years. These chemicals act as nerve toxins or growth regulators/ inhibitors for insects and mammals. As these chemicals are toxic, people always have a question buzzing in their mind - Are pest control chemicals harmful? Pests are infamous for causing harm to humans and human concerns, and in the 21st century, there is no need to share your place with him. To limit their population and eliminate them from the area various types of pest control methods are used, Chemical method is one of them. It is a very effective method against pests but it also causes harm to other non-targeted species and plants in the area. Choosing the Right…Read More
How Much Does a Pest Control Inspection Cost

How Much Does a Pest Control Inspection Cost? Are You Paying Too Much

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How much does a pest control inspection cost? Is one of the most asked question people ask during the initial conversation with us or maybe with any other company. It is a very common question so we thought to answer your question here at our blog. Here we will also explain why some of the companies provide a free inspection and why some companies charge extra fees for the inspection. We also describe the factors that may or may not impact the charges and why knowing about inspection costs before hiring a pest control is important. Pest Control Inspection Let’s start with a bit of introduction of pest control inspection before going deep into this matter. Pest Control Inspection is a process to identify the seriousness of invasion, type of pests, hiding spots, entry points, affected areas, and root of the cause on a site. Inspection is normally conducted before…Read More
Lawn Pest Control

5 Ways to Lawn Pest Control that will Keep Bugs Away

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Nobody wants pests inside their home but we forget that all pest invasion starts from right outside. Before reaching the front door these creepy creatures may already pollute the outside area of the property. And due to the moisture and hiding points, the lawn area is most suitable for them. Now, you just imagine that there are pests hidden in the lawn and you are walking barefoot in the lawn, creepy right? Just their appearance on the lawn is enough for a heebie-jeebies. Lawn Pest control is important to keep your lawn pest-free as well as to avoid the pest invasion for a longer time. Pest Control Corp also provides lawn pest control services in and around Sydney so call us now and walk freely in your lawn without worrying about pests. In this post, we are going to explain all the bits and pieces of Lawn Pest control and…Read More
Pest Control vs Exterminator

Pest Control vs Exterminator: Which One is the Best?

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Before talking about Pest Control vs Exterminator, we have to understand the good and bad side of pests and why killing them can be more harmful than having them. Pests are creepy nuisance creatures who don’t know about boundaries, they just want food, a favourable space to increase their population, and lots of hiding spots. Now, to get all these basic facilities, they enter our premises and cause a lot of problems. They cause health issues, spread fatal diseases, disturb our daily life, cause damage to the structure, they bite or sting us and contaminate our food items. Due to all these messes, people hate them and it is not completely wrong, but there is another side of it which represents them as creatures who play an important role in the environment and our planet’s ecology. That’s why we need to understand the difference between pest control and pest exterminator…Read More