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5 Ways to Lawn Pest Control that will Keep Bugs Away

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Nobody wants pests inside their home but we forget that all pest invasion starts from right outside. Before reaching the front door these creepy creatures may already pollute the outside area of the property. And due to the moisture and hiding points, the lawn area is most suitable for them. Now, you just imagine that there are pests hidden in the lawn and you are walking barefoot in the lawn, creepy right? Just their appearance on the lawn is enough for a heebie-jeebies.

Lawn Pest control is important to keep your lawn pest-free as well as to avoid the pest invasion for a longer time. Pest Control Corp also provides lawn pest control services in and around Sydney so call us now and walk freely in your lawn without worrying about pests.

In this post, we are going to explain all the bits and pieces of Lawn Pest control and we are also going to share 5 Easy Steps to keep pests away from the lawn.

What is Lawn Pest Control?

Just as the name suggests, pest control that is aimed at making your yard/lawn pest-free is commonly known as Lawn Pest Control. In this service, normally spiders, mosquitoes, ants, flies, silverfishes, rodents, and snacks will be eliminated from the lawn.

The service also includes treatment for crane flies and grubs and these pests are very harmful to the root of the grass and other small plants. Thus, Lawn Pest control makes the lawn and other exterior places bug-free.

Why is Lawn Pest Control Important?

Pests just need a hiding spot and humidity and both can be easily available anywhere including lawns, gardens, and clusters of old stuff in the backyard. A humid environment is perfect for breeding bugs, and pests like mosquitos easily get attracted to the standing water and that’s how a pest invasion starts. Soon the invasion will reach your door and then inside your home.

There are some other dangerous bugs hiding in the yard. If the lawn remains untreated for a longer period then these bugs can ruin your beautiful lawn and then they will move toward your home structure so protect that grass you’ve worked so hard to keep up and keep your family, and home structure safe lawn pest control is necessary.

Whether pests are in-home or on the lawn they possess the same level of danger. They carry diseases, viruses, and can make you very sick, additionally some pest bites and some are having strings. Thus you can’t take risks having them in or around your property. So call a reputed pest control company today and make your lawn and external areas bug-free.

5 Ways to Keep your Lawn Bug-free

We are also sharing 5 ways to make your lawn bug free here so make sure to take a look on them. It will not only eliminate the existing ones but also keep bugs at a distance.

1. Keep Your Yard Clean

If you are following our blog post then you are probably already aware of the importance of keeping home and office clean. It is the most effective prevention measures you can do to keep your yard and lawn bugfree. Mowing your yard is actually pretty important because it will remove all the hiding spots as well as keep you updated about any new pest or pes invasion.

Keep in mind that long grass can provide shelter to the pests, mice, snakes, ticks, grubs, and other pests not only live there but also hide their eggs and slither through. It is also important to know that small bugs also attract bigger pests which brings more risks and more harmful impact.

2. Get Rid of Standing Water

Malaria, chikungunya, dengue are some of the common diseases caused by mosquitos, but there are more diseases which are caused by bugs. Mosquitos, cockroaches, and termites love standing water or humid water thus make sure that your yard drains properly.

Not just standing water, water stored in a bucket or similar things can also attract bugs and mosquitos and once they get into these areas and find standing water then they will lay their eggs in this standing water and they can multiply overnight.

3. Use Bug-repellant Plants

Just like bugs have their own specialty there are a few plants who have their own specialties and bugs don’t like them. A few of them are Marigolds, Mint, Lavender, Basil, Chives, Petunias, Citronella grass, Chrysanthemums, Garlic, Bay leaves, Rosemary, etc.

These plants are known as bug-repelling plants and you can use these plants around your yard to keep these pests on the bay. These plants after a lawn pest control can provide the best possible result.

4. Choose Trash cans Wisely

Don’t put trash cans close to the yard, it can be a real problem. Pests and bugs attracted to the trash easily, thus make sure to use a trash can having a tight fit lid.

Also, make sure to remove things like wood piles, leaves, and similar things, it not only attracts them but these kinds of stuff also keep them hidden from our eyes. This will also improve the effectiveness of lawn pest control and give a long last solution.

5. Contact a Lawn Pest Control Service Provider

Contact a Lawn Pest Control Company will be the ultimate solution to this problem. There are many companies that provide pest control services at really affordable costs so find a reputed one and hire them for treatment.

They will provide the best solution because they will have the experience, the team of experts, best and quality pesticides, and resources. They will also come with suggestions and also conduct an inspection of your yard so you don’t have to worry about anything they will take care of all.

If you are looking for a reputed pest control company that provides lawn pest control in your area then Pest Control Corp is here for you. We are one of the most experienced pest control companies in Australia and we provide quality and long-lasting pest control and management services. So call us now and make your yard/ lawn bug-free.

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