Importance of Pest Control in Hotel Industry

Importance of Pest Control in the Hotel Industry

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Hotel Pest Control refers to the act of controlling pests in a hotel or other hospitality business. In this article, we will learn why it is important for hotel businesses to control pests at their premises and what is the best way to do that.

Pests Problem in Hotels

The problem of pests is very common in hotels, resorts and other businesses in the hospitality sector. Believe it or not, these small bugs can make life hell for your hotel guests and staff. These unwanted and undesired guests will eat your food, ruin your beds and spread infections at your hotel, making your customers sick. This is not something you want as a hotel owner or manager. Besides ruining your customer experience and making the life hell for your customers, these bugs can also severely destroy both the interiors and value of your property.

So, it’s important that hotels take the right action at the right time to get rid of these pests from their property. Hiring a professional pest control service is usually the best option.

Why Hotels Need to be Serious About Their Pest Problems

Importance of pest control in hotel industry is very high. If you do not take your hotel’s pest problem seriously, you might have to pay a big price for it in the long term.

When a guest decides to stay at your hotel for their trip/vacation away from home, they expect a pleasing environment that is most importantly healthy and free of bugs. More than good service, they want your hotel to be nice and comforting for them. And according to the experience they have at your hotel, they will share online and/or word-of-mouth reviews with others, which can seriously make/break your reputation.

Almost all first-time customers of a hotel check out the online reviews of the hotel before choosing it for their stay. If you want your hotel to receive good feedback, at least in terms of ambiance and safety, make sure to keep it free of pests.

Pests like rodents, cockroaches, and flies will not only destroy your hotel’s ambiance, and eventually reputation, but also can harm the health and safety of your guests, which is the last thing you would want as a hotelier. Cockroaches and flies can poison your hotel food, which will ultimately lead to making your guests sick. Rodents are even worse, as they can spread a range of infections around the place, on clothes and food. Bed bugs in your hotel can ruin your beds, furniture and upholstery and also the clothes of your guests. Also, they can spread infections and make people sick.

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What kinds of pests one can expect to find in a hotel

Hotels are constantly serving travellers and visitors coming from all corners of the world and have access to meals round the clock. That, coupled with the lack of proper safety and cleaning practices are the main reasons why pests accumulate in these places. As a hotel owner or manager, the best you can do is identify the pest problem at the earliest and take the necessary steps to get rid of them before they can cause any actual damage.

The kinds of pests you can expect to find at a hotel or resort include the following:

Rodents (rats and mice)

Even though rats and mice are commonly found in a domestic environment, they are also very common in hotels and other industrial places. Rodents can seriously damage your property and assets in multiple ways. They can chew through wires, beds, furniture, food and more and can spread all kinds of infections and diseases, such as hantavirus, lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCMV), leptospirosis, Tularemia and Salmonella. They can also carry with them other kinds of pests like fleas, lice and ticks.

If your hotel has a rodent problem, the first thing you need to do is discover the source, which can be vents, windows, fractures, etc. Make sure to seal all such openings and secure the food storage properly.

Hotels in Sydney can contact Pest Control Corp for all their rodent control needs. Our experts know exactly where and how to find rodents in a hotel and take care of them without hurting your guests.

Cockroaches & Flies

Nothing will make your guests run away faster than a cockroach crawling on the walls of their rooms or one in their food. Cockroaches and flies are very small insects and very common in places that are not cleaned regularly and properly.

You can find flies around your kitchens and stores, as they are attracted to food. But, they are also attracted to waste, rotten food and animal feces and carry with them germs and bacteria. Cockroaches can commonly be found lingering around decaying food. Both of these pests can carry around germs and contribute to spreading infections like viruses and diseases.

To get your Sydney hotel free of these disease-causing bugs, hiring the services of Pest Control Corp might be your best option. We promise high-quality pest control at affordable prices.

Bed Bugs in Hotels

Another type of pests that can be commonly found in a hotel or similar property are Bed Bugs. These small bugs usually live on your bed sheets, blankets, inside the mattress, in your cupboards and drawers. In the long term, they can damage the property and things significantly. Also, these bugs can bite the person using the bed or clothes infested by them.

Bed bug bites can sometimes lead to serious effects, including infections and diseases. Bed bugs spread very fast and must be controlled at the earliest possible stage of infestation.

The best way to get rid of bed bugs completely from your hotels is total extermination, which can only be performed by an expert pest control company like the Pest Control Corp.

To know more about the importance of pest control in hotel industry and the best ways to deal with them, or to hire our expert pest control services for hotels, call us now on 02-8123-0986. Pest Control Corp is a professional pest control and termite company that offers services to commercial properties like hotels, offices, restaurants, and malls. We have been helping local businesses in Sydney with all their pest problems for the last 10 years.

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