Why Do Ants Keep Coming Back

Why Do Ants Keep Coming Back into My Home

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Ants are stubborn creatures and can survive in a very tough situation too. And when they get entry into your house they can make your daily life a bit more complicated, because they can literally live anywhere. So if you want to know why do ants keep coming back into your home or property then maybe this post can help you.

An ant can lift 20 times its body weight, now if a human child of third class/ grade had been as strong as an ant, then he/she could have picked up a bike!. There are more than 12,000 species of ants worldwide. Most of the species live in forests and near agriculture areas and a few species live among us.

Ants are creatures that live a well organized social life, just like honey bees or termites (White ants). Similar to termites and bees Queen ants can also live for many years and have millions of children. They are not always harmful to humans but sometimes may be due to available food and other attractions inside your property can attract them inside your property and then all the problems begin.

If your home is infested by ants and you tried everything from using the DIY approach to use ant repellent available in the market and still these tiny creatures are making their way back into your home then you should start from basics first find the type of ants and then get the answer of why do ants keep coming back into your property and secondly if the problem is very big then find a Reputed Pest Control Company.

We can help you with both. Let’s start with the first one, Let’s take a look at the common types of ants that are commonly found in and around our property.

Types of Ants

We are sharing basic and important details that will help you to identify the types of ants. Identifying the type of ants is necessary to eliminate them from your property. It also helps you to choose the most effective solutions to keep them at a distance. Although there are 12,000+ of ant species, here are a few of the most common types found in homes:

Carpenter Ants

These ants are attracted to wood, not as a source of food, but for building nests. Carpenter ants prefer moist areas which can be easily found near the wood of a house. They can be found in various sizes and colours but normally in a larger size and darker shade than other types of ants.

Dark Rover Ants

They are known for having very large colonies and can make nest indoor as well as outdoor. However, their nests can be found in kitchens and bathrooms in an infected property. Dark Rover Ants are especially attracted to sweet liquids. You can identify these ants, by looking for one node and dark brownish body colour.

European Fire Ants

European Fire Ant prefers warm areas having plenty of moisture. These creatures tend to make indoor nests around tubs as well as water heaters. These ants can be identified easily because these are having a reddish colour and have two nodes.

Crazy Ants

They don’t have a preference for moist or dry nesting conditions. They will prefer underneath carpets, inside houseplants, and in between walls. Crazy ants feature very dark colouring with very long legs thus can be easily identified.

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Common Things That Attract Ants

Any of the ants from the above can easily invade your property, to avoid their entry into your premises you need to be well aware of what keeps attracting ants to your home. Thus by limiting those stuff or things you can avoid their entry without any professional help. So if one question “why do ants keep coming back into my home” is regularly popping into your minds one of the below can be the answer/ reason.

Food Sources

Ants are not only attracted to sugar and sweet items, but they can also be only attracted to various food items such as flour, sugar, chips and cookies. Actually, they can get attracted to anything from the kitchen thus you need to keep all the eatables to sealed containers. Additionally, you also have to use tight-sealed dustbins. Ants also love some fruits and dry fruits so make sure that nothing is kept in the open.


Just like some of the other pests, ants also prefer places having excessive moisture. If you have some areas inside your property that have excessive moisture then it can be also the reason. To keep ants out of your property you should look for water leakage in areas such as laundry room, bathroom, and kitchen sink.

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Indoor Plants

Indoor plants look amazing, but ants also love these plants due to the fresh and damp soil. To avoid their entry into your home you should switch over to artificial plants or succulents.

Holes and Home Entry Points

These tiny creatures can enter into your premises from a tiny hole or unusual entry points, easy access always attracts these pests and to avoid them you need to fill all the holes and block unnecessary points and gaps near the doors and windows.

What to Do When You Find Ants in Your Home

First of all, you need to understand that they don’t usually pose a serious health risk. A few ants aren’t causing concern. But still, to avoid the further risks you need to remove them carefully from your property, you also have to cover the food for which they are coming into your property. If you encounter any colony or nest you should immediately Contact the Best Pest Control Professionals.

Now, if you are looking for a reputed pest control company in Sydney to eliminate ants from your property and keep them away for a long duration, then Pest Control Provider can help. Pest Control Corp is a Sydney based pest control company that has been providing Suburbs of New South Wales (Australia) with successful pest control solutions for the last 10+ years.

We have experience, knowledge, resources and a well-trained team of technicians and after combining all together we can easily resolve ants related issue effectively. We provide inexpensive inspection and control services for residential, commercial, industrial, lawn, strata, etc, places under one time, scheduled, or regular plan. Pest Control Corp can help you to get rid of pests with eco-friendly solutions and with the preventative treatment we will make sure that they will stay at a distance from your area for a longer period. So contact us now and get rid of pests from your property.

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