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Pest control services in Burwood? Call Pest control Corp for all your pest control needs.

Are you looking for the best pest control services in Burwood? At Pest Control Corp, our pest control technicians are highly trained and skilled to handle any kind of infestation. Whether it is cockroaches, bed bugs, silverfish, termites, ants or spiders, we can take care of all your pest problems.

We have a diverse set of techniques to handle pests like fogging, termite baiting, ultraviolet light treatments and many more. Our pest control experts are experienced with various types of pests and infestations such as:

In fact when you call us to get our pest control services in Burwood you can trust us to provide exceptional service as we only hire highly qualified professionals who have years of experience in handling infestations. We are also insured and licensed to handle any type of infestation. So if you are looking for the best pest control services in Burwood then look no further than Pest Control Corp. Call us today or book an appointment online.

Our Industry-leading Service Portfolio

We provide pest control services to residential and commercial places at affordable costs. So whether the infected area is your home or office feel free to contact us and share your problem and we will make your area bug free.

Residential Pest Control Services

Warm places like your home and other residential places are the favorite places for pests. They love warm places and also get all the necessary things there, such as food, hiding spots, and a large area.  These creepy crawlers are not only nuances but also cause lots of trouble to health, wealth and property. To keep everything safe and secure you need to hire a pest control service provider in Burwood for inspection and treatment of your area. Pest Control corp provides inspection at your convenience and long-lasting treatment at affordable cost, thus contact Pest Control Burwood today and let us solve all your pest issues.

Commercial Pest Control Services

Our commercial pest control services helped many business houses and commercial places to maintain their working flawlessly. We provide Pest Control treatment at all the commercial places and the big thing is that we choose our inspection and treatment time as per the customer’s convenience. Pest Control at Commercial places is necessary to keep employees, structure, and appliances safe. Thus Call us now and get your pest problem solved.

Why Choose Pest Control Corp Burwood?

This question can buzz your mind because other Pest control companies can also provide pest control services in Burwood. Then why us?  Here’s a few reasons to keep us on top of your list.

10+ Years of experience

Pest Control Corp has been providing pest control services in Burwood for the last 10 years. Thus a full-service house is also having enough experience, a great team, and knowledge in treating almost all types of pests.

Excellent team

We have an excellent team of pest control technicians. Our team members have gone through various training programs and now they are having knowledge, understanding, skill, and experience of treating almost every pest problem.

Safe Pesticides

We only use pesticides that are identified as target-specific, biodegradable, eco-friendly, and approved by CIB for their use in domestic pest treatment services. 

Eco-Friendly Solutions

Organic Solution is always on our priority, but it is not enough we have to choose the chemical method. Even in the Chemical process, we choose the safest one that doesn’t have any impact on nature, environment, and non-targeted species.

Effective and Long-Lasting

Not just safe, We provide effective treatment and solutions that last longer, thus we try to keep you safe as long as possible from these creepy insects.

The above are just a few key features of our services, there are more reasons to choose our pest control company in Burwood such as requisite license and certified members, no hidden cost or lock-in bond, simple process, work as per our customer’s convenience and timings, affordable prices, etc. Thus, our vast experience in this field with all our other features can provide 100% safe surroundings.

Pest Control Cost in Burwood NSW

The Cost of Pest Control in Burwood can vary from company to company. Pest control Corp charges as per the area basis, thus finding proper cost is not possible, it totally depends on the size of the area. However, companies estimate the cost on the basis of various factors. Some of them are:

  • Type of pest control.
  • Herbal pest control or chemical-based pest control
  • Commercial or Residential pest control
  • Total area where pest control is to be done
  • Service charge and additional taxes

Most companies that provide Pest Control in Burwood, NSW or anywhere else will first evaluate all these factors and would finally tell you the estimated cost. The Cost of Pest control in Burwood is not that high, thus feel free to reach us, let us solve the pest problem.

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With a population of around 16,030 (2016 census) Burwood is yet another suburb in the Inner West of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. The suburb is located just 10 kilometers west of the Sydney central business district and it comes under the administrative center for the local government area of Burwood Council. People often get confused between Burwood and Burwood Heights, both are separate suburbs.

Burwood considered a Great suburb to live, because of the vibrant and safe community. The city offers excellent schools, and public transport conveniently located at your doorstep. Still excellent value for money for properties! Additionally, the Appian Way is a street in Burwood that is known for its architecturally designed Federation-style homes.


On your request, company’s Pest control technicians will reach at your location and inspect the complete area. During the inspection, they will find-out pests in the vicinity, infection, hiding spots, entry points and would use the pest control accordingly. Then they will start the pest treatment process (Chemical spray) with the right type and amount of pesticides. In most cases, one session is enough, however, in some worst cases, it can be repeated up to 4 sessions to eliminate complete pests. The pest treatment process is easy and simple, find the infection, choose the pesticides and treat it.
In the house and offices, there are many signs and symptoms you can notice. Some of the most common ones are pest dropping, dead bugs, small holes in the walls & floors, dead bugs, nests, active pests, odd smells, sounds from the wall or other stuff, chewed items, etc. Sometimes you can also find some small redness or bite marks on the body.
Mosquitoes are alone responsible for Malaria, dengue fever, and Chikungunya, these are some of the very well known diseases, but there are also some Diseases caused by pests some of them are Bacillus cereus, Chloriomeningitis, Dermatitis, Chikungunya, Babesiosis, Leptospirosis, Lyme Disease, Murine typhus, Spotted Fever, Salmonella, and E. coli, Ehrlichiosis, Favus, Rat-bite fever, Rickettsialpox, Rocky Mountain, Shigella dysenteriae, Typhus, West Nile Virus, Tapeworm, Tularemia, etc.