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Kellyville Ridge is a suburb in New South Wales, Australia. It was established in 2002 and it is home to 10,500 people. Pest problem is very common in some part of this suburb and there are a few pest control companies that provide pest control treatment in Kellyville Ridge. Pest Control Corp is a Sydney-based pest control and management house that provide all the pest control services in Kellyville Ridge at affordable costs. We have 10+ years of experience, a team of expert technicians, and all the essential resources.

Our Quality Pest Control Services in Kellyville Ridge

We provide Residential, Commercial and Strata Pest Control Services in and around Kellyville Ridge, NSW. Our services include inspection, pest control and cleaning and we can provide pest control at any site. So without any doubt or worry give us a call and we will make your home and office bug-free guaranteed.

Residential Pest Control Kellyville Ridge

Home (interior/ exterior), farmhouses and other residential places are prone to the pest invasion due to a lot of attractive things such as warm environments, food items, and lots of hiding spots. And in search of food, warm places and shelter pests keep coming in the premises. There are some preventative measures but most of them only work to prevent their entry. If you have an active invasion in your home you should call a professional pest control company Kellyville Ridge otherwise these pests can cause serious harm to your health and property.

Commercial Pest Control Kellyville Ridge

Unlike residential places commercial places don’t get the same level of cleaning thus these places are more prone to any pest invasion. Commercial and industrial Places such as warehouses, storage areas, offices, restaurants, hotels, cafes, etc. are places where hundreds of people visit on a daily basis thus they need more care. But in the absence of deep and regular cleaning, these places can become a shelter for the pests. Pests can cause disturbance to the working environment and harm to the office staff, appliances, employees’ health and building structure.  Thus, for complete protection, Make a call to Pest Control Corp today and work tension free.

Strata Pest Control Kellyville Ridge

Providing Strata Pest Control is not an easy job. These buildings are very complex due to interconnected walls and density. Strata buildings require inspections and pest control on a regular basis to keep pests away. Our team is well experienced to work with both managers and Owners of these properties. With skilful staff and effective resources, we pest control corp can provide the best possible solution. Thus whether you are a manager, owner, or a tenant if you are looking for a reliable pest control service provider in Kellyville Ridge, NSW, Contact us today.

What Pest Control Corp Kellyville Ridge have for You

We at Pest Control Corp have been providing safe and environmentally friendly pest control services Kellyville Ridge for years and as a reputed pest control agency we are maintaining good reviews too. There are more reasons to choose us and some of them are listed below.

Why Choose Pest Control Corp Kellyville Ridge

  • A decade of experience.
  • Simple and time saving Procedure
  • Long-lasting and affordable pest control
  • 24×7 customer support
  • Treatment for all pests & bugs
  • A well-trained crew
  • Flexible work hours
  • Government (CIB) Approved chemicals for treatment
  • Safe for environment, people and non-targeted species
  • Dedicated to delivering excellent customer service

Feel Free to contact Pest Control Kellyville Ridge, request an inspection, and enjoy a bug-free life.

Simple Hiring and Pest Control Treatment Process

If a single spot or pest remains untreated in a property then there is a huge chance that the problem will return soon. So to keep everything checked and treated we kept our process very simple and the same is engraved below.

  • Response to your request: When we receive your request, one of our members will ask you a few questions to know more about the exact pest problem, preferred time for inspection, location, etc.
  • Inspection: Our team member will schedule an inspection, and we will reach at the site on the given time. We will conduct a complete inspection to find out all the pests, infected areas, hiding spots, and entry points.
  • Create notes: We will prepare a note after measuring the area, identify the pests and infected area.
  • Quotation: After analysing all the noted details, We will prepare and send you an email with the complete quotation. You just have to check all the details and estimation of cost and time. You can either accept our offer by clicking on the button or reply back with customization you want.
  • Treatment: After receiving your confirmation, we will reach at your site on the given time and then we will treat the complete site, from top to bottom. We will ensure that no pest or area remains untreated. Sometimes the process takes more time and we will spray the solution multiple times. So just let us finish our work for the most effective treatment.
  • Cleaning: After finishing the treatment, we will remove the dead pests and will do a bit of cleaning before leaving your area.
    Know about Eco-friendly pesticides and book an inspection today.

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Kellyville Ridge

Kellyville Ridge is a suburb in New South Wales, Australia. It is located 41 kilometer north-west of the Sydney central business district and it is a part of Greater Western Sydney. With the population 10,468 (2016 census) this suburb gets its name from the ridge. The Area has its own historical importance.

The area where this suburb has been established is the area where the Castle Hill Rebellion ( Second Battle of Vinegar Hill) took place, that’s why many roads and reserves are named after it. The suburb is also known for Merriville House and Gardens and it is a good suburb to live and visit.


Usually, it’s not required in most of the cases but if you are sensitive or allergic to certain chemicals or smells, then you can maintain a distance or you can even leave the area for a few hours. The Chemicals or herbal sprays used for pest control at present time are not normally harmful to humans, and other non-targeted species. But it is normal that some of us would not like to be there. Thus it is a good idea to stay outside for a few hours.
It is the 21st century and you don’t have to live with them, Thus all the pests need proper treatment. However, Not all the pests are venomous, or parasitic insects, some of them are just creepy and enough to give a heebie-jeebies. If you have pests such as cockroaches, mosquitoes, bed bugs, spiders, ants, rats, and termites at your premises then the matter is serious and you need to contact a professional pest extermination house on an urgent basis.
It depends on how bad the invasion is and how much area we have to cover. It also depends on the type of pest control method, preparation, type of pests, and how many times the treatment is required. Sometimes the structure and the area also waste technician’s time. However, Pest Control Corp has a responsive and dedicated team, thus we will try to do everything as fast as possible.