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Tired of trying DIY Pest control solution? Contact the Best Pest Control Services Provider in Leichhardt, NSW and make your home and office Bug-Free.



These riotous mammals cause a lot of problems in the house or in the structure of your home. They also carry diseases that make you and your loved-ones sick.



Spiders are unsympathetic creatures, they can cause various health problems. Some of the species also venomous and carry disease.



Flies infect dead animals and insects in your house. They also pollute food items and carry over 100 different kinds of disease-causing germs.



Not just irritation and swelling, but they can also transmit extremely harmful & fatal diseases like Malaria, dengue fever, yellow fever, etc.



These creepy pests are most common in home and office. They spread disease and also infamous for biting humans in their sleep.

Pest Control Corp is well-known for providing its top-class pest control services in Leichhardt, NSW. We have a responsible team, Government approved target-based pesticides and latest tech gadgets and equipment, we are committed to providing the robust Protection to your property and loved ones from all pests.

Our Pest Control Corp Leichhardt has been providing the most reliable pest control solution for years. We have a glut of happy customers all over this city. As a leading pest control company in Leichhardt, We are providing pest extermination services at very reliable costs. Contact Pest Control Sydney today and Say goodbye to all your Pest Problems.

Specialist Pest Control Service Provider in Leichhardt

Pest Control Corp is the best Pest control service provider in Leichhardt, NSW. With over ten years of experience, safe and reliable solutions and affordable cost helped us to reach here. Our pest control technician team is exterminating almost all types of pests such as rodents, termites, spiders, mosquitoes, ants, cockroaches, flies, silverfish, etc. and also maintaining a good record.  Our residential and commercial pest control services in Leichhardt are engraved below, Call us Now and Get rid of all the pests from your home and office. 

Residential Pest Control Leichhardt Commercial Pest Control Leichhardt
Your residential place or home is like heaven for the pests, they get a warm place,  leftover/ open food, safety and security and a lot of hiding spots. And when these uninvited guests get successful in making nests in your home than their number grows rapidly. Pests like rodents, flies, mosquitos, ants, spiders, and cockroaches are the most common pest found at residential places. Some of them are them are venomous, others can cause serious fatal diseases, so it becomes important to remove them from your property and also prevent their future occurrence. Offices, warehouses, and other commercial places provide the best hiding places for pests like rodents, termites, spiders, ants, cockroaches, silverfish, etc. They grow there and also cause a lot of damage to health and property. Pests also disturb the working and can cause some serious damages to the documents and electronic equipment. Some of the pests are also infamous for spreading diseases and infection, so to get rid of them a regular and safe pest control treatment is essential.

Pest control Corp Leichhardt is backed by a team of pest exterminator experts and they are well experienced in treating all types of pests. Our team members are well trained and also have experience and knowledge that helps them to provide a permanent solution.

Pest Control Corp Leichhardt’s Treatment Procedure

We are backed with a team of committed members and best chemicals, but we follow a very simple procedure to secure your home and office from all types of pests. We use only scientifically proven Government approved chemicals to treat pest problems. And our Pest control treatment procedure is explained below.

  • After receiving your call and request, we will schedule an inspection after asking a few questions about the problem and preferred time.
  • Our Inspection team will reach your place and they will inspect your complete area. 
  • We will point-out the infected area, the root of the cause, hiding spots, entry spots, type of pests, etc. during our inspection.
  • Then we will create a suitable plan/ strategy and also choose a suitable chemical for the treatment.
  • After adjusting some stuff, we will then treat the pests with the chemicals and equipment.
  • Then we will clean the area and then inspect again to ensure there is no chance of future occurrence.

Get all the information and book an inspection today to get rid of all the pest’s problems.

Pest Control Corp - The Best Pest Control Company in Leichhardt

Pest Control Corp is a trusted pest control company in Leichhardt, NSW. We are dedicated to providing long term pest control services in Leichhardt. But here are more reasons to choose Pest control Corp. for solving all your pest related problems.

Reason to choose Pest Control Corp Leichhardt

  • Around a decade of experience in this field.
  • Very active Customer support and Free consultancy, calls, and advice.
  • Long term pest extermination services for Residential and commercial Pests.
  • Safe, fast & cost effective pest control solutions.
  • Inspection and treatment schedule as per customer’s convenience
  • Professional, friendly and well-trained team.
  • Simple procedure integrated with the latest technology and scientific methods.
  • We use only government (CIB) Approved chemicals.
  • Treatment is safe for the environment and non-targeted species.

Contact Pest Control Leichhardt, Today and request an inspection and get a bug-free Environment.

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Yes, In Pest Treatment, most of the pest control houses use only government-approved and target-based Pest Control chemicals thus the treatment doesn’t have any harmful effect on the environment, humans, pets, and other non-targeted species.
It depends on how badly your property is affected. It also depends on the type of pest and type of pest treatment is required. Sometimes the structure and area also eat the technician’s time. However, we have a responsible team, and our team will try to do everything as fast as possible.
The cost of Pest Control services in Leichhardt is not that heigh. It is affordable. The cost actually depends on the size of the structure/ area, the time it takes, the type of pest and the chemical required. There is no fixed price but we can assure you that our Plans and Prices of Pest extermination Services will be the value for money deal for you.