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If you live in Pemulwuy, NSW and looking for a reliable pest control company in your area, then we will suggest you to not wander here and there, Just Contact Pest Control Corp Now!

Pemulwuy is relatively a new suburb located 30 kilometers west of Sydney, NSW, Australia. The Suburb has various parks, reserves, and natural points. Due to humidity in the environment, it is really a favorable place for pests. There are very few companies that provide pest control and management services in Pemulwuy, and Pest Control Corp is one of them.

Pest Control Corp is a reputed Sydney based pest control company that provides quality pest control services in Pemulwuy at affordable costs. We have a great team of experts, government approved pesticides, resources, experience, and knowledge, and you can know more about the services and process below.

Pest Control and Management Services in Pemulwuy

Our Portfolio highlights 3 types of services such as Residential, Commercial, and Strata but from lawn pest control to industrial pest control we cover all the areas under our three services. The same is explained below.

Residential Pest Control Pemulwuy

Home, farmhouses, and other residential places are more prone to pest infestation due to the warm environment, free eatable items, and lots of hiding spots. They live there, get food, and then multiply their numbers. Normally, homeowners ignore the initial sign and symptoms and they try to eliminate pests with a DIY approach, which will fail most of the time.

Commercial Pest Control Pemulwuy

Commercial places don’t get regular deep cleaning so if these places get a pest infection, it will remain unnoticed for a really long time. In such cases, the infestation can reach up to the worst position. Active pest infestation at commercial properties such as hotels, offices, restaurants, etc. can be so harmful to the staff, equipment, customers, and business reputation too.

Strata Pest Control Pemulwuy

Strata places such as apartments are always at risk of getting pest infestation, these places are having denser structure and interconnected walls so if one apartment or part gets infected then it is possible that it will spread to each and every compartment. Strata places need proper inspection and treatment on a regular basis so hiring Pest Control Corp will be a great choice.

Your Safety is Our Priority

We Pest Control Corp have been actively solving the pest-related problems in this suburb for the last 10+ years, during which we gained practical experience, knowledge, and customers’ trust. Every new customer now expects the best service from us and we proudly live up to their expectations till now. We just keep our customer’s safety and satisfaction on priority and provide the best pest control services Pemulwuy.

Here are more reasons to choose Pest Control Corp Pemulwuy.

  • More than 10 years of experience.
  • Hundreds of happy customers and growing rapidly.
  • Use of only government (CIB) Approved target-based pesticides.
  • Quick and responsive customer support.
  • Safe & affordable pest control solutions.
  • Easy and fast inspection and treatment process.
  • Affordable Pest Control solution for all types of pests & bugs.
  • A professional and well-trained team.
  • Use of technology and scientific methods,
  • Flexible work hours according to the customer’s convenience.
  • Safe for the environment and non-targeted species.
  • Best and quality customer service.

Our Pest Control Treatment Process

We follow a very efficient process to make your property pest-free, our complete process can be covered in the following points.

Even as a leading pest control service provider in Pemulwuy, NSW we can’t solve your pest related problem until you inform us about it. So contact Pest Control Pemulwuy today, share your problem, and help us to schedule an inspection.

Investigation: After getting all the required details, Our well-trained technicians will reach your location and conduct an inspection of your complete area to figure out active or potential pest problems.

Protect: By using the most effective and suitable pesticides we’ll treat each and every corner of your structure and we will make sure that no pest or area remain untreated.

Fortify: Our experienced technicians will block all the hidden and entry points/places using various methods to seal, plug, caulk, and fill security gaps and cracks to keep pests and insects away for as long as possible.

Keep Eyes: We will share pest preventative measurements and we will also guide you to apply them in your home/office. Furthermore, If needed, We will also conduct an inspection on a regular basis, to avoid future pest attacks.

Report: We are also known for keeping everything transparent for our customers. We can also provide you a detailed report, of services rendered and recommendations, to keep pests away from your property.

Follow Up: It is your decision to choose us for one time, regularly, and schedule pest control plans. However, we assure you that our services will be top-notch without any single issue.

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Pemulwuy is a relatively new suburb in Greater Western Sydney, NSW in Australia. It is located 30 km west of the Sydney Central Business district. The suburb features Prospect Hill which is the highest point between the Blue Mountains and Sydney. The Suburb is the home of more than 5,009 Peoples (2016 census).

The suburb got its name after Aboriginal warrior, Pemulwuy, who is known to have led attacks on the British settlements in these areas. The suburb is home to many parks and reserves some of them are Grey Box Reserve, Dirrabari Reserve, Driftway Reserve, Nelson Square, etc. the suburb is a good suburb for living. It has all the basic facilities and commercial areas nearby.


First of all, It depends on the area where the property is located. It also depends on how serious your property gets infected or how often you encounter bugs at your premise. For a safe and secure surrounding, you should consider professional pest control services at least once in a year. If you home is located at a place where pest problem is so common then we will recommend pest control on a half-yearly basis. If not treatment calls a professional for inspection at least once every six months.
There is no fixed detail we can provide about the required time, however, the time required in pest control treatment depends on the type of pest and how badly your home or office is infested. Additionally, it also depends on number of sprays because, in most cases, a single treatment is enough, but pest likes fleas and bed bugs require 2 or 3 treatment sessions. Thus there is no certain detail or answer.

Yes we know that they are important to our environment, and not all the pests are harmful but still some of the species are very dangerous they carry viruses germs and they transmit fatal diseases.

However, Parasitic insects are the most dangerous pests whether they are at a residential place or commercial place, These pests also feature bite and stings and they can cause a lot of damage. Rat and Mice come after parasitic insects as they carry very dangerous diseases and cause harm to the structure. After that termites, rodents, ants, beetles, and moths can be included as they also cause a bit of damage to property, food, and other things.