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Prospect, NSW is a suburb of Sydney, in the state of New South Wales, Australia. Pest Control Corp is actively providing services in the city for the last 10 + years. Our service portfolio includes Residential, Commercial and Strata Pest Control Services. Whether it is your home or office, we are able to provide 100% safe and pest-free surroundings by eliminating all types of pests including ants, spiders, wasps, rodents, wasps, cockroaches, Mosquitoes, flies, spiders, silverfish, etc. from your area. With a committed and trained team of pest control experts along with target-based pesticides and resources, we can make your area 100% pest free, thus contact us now share your problem and move toward a healthy and bug-free future.

Our Value for Money Services

Pest Control Corp is a leading Pest Control Company in Prospect, NSW and we provide solutions at every place under our three categories of services: Residential, Strata and Commercial Pest Control Services. Our services are affordable, safe and effective and details are provided below.

Residential Pest Control Services 

The area where you live with your family needs to be 100% pest-free. However, Pests love warm places and there is nothing better than a home, they get a warm place with lots of foods, hiding spots, areas to make a nest and invite/ grow their family/ population. These creepy crawlers can cause a bad impact on health, property, and living. Thus, to eliminate them and eliminate all the chances of their return, Pest Control Corp provides effective and reliable pest control services at a very reliable cost. Contact us now and protect your family, pets, and property.


Commercial Pest Control Services

Commercial places do not get hygienic cleaning on a regular basis, thus these places attract pests. Pests not only disturb the working environment of office or other commercial places, but they can also cause harm to the health of staff and customers, structure and electronic appliances. A commercial place with pest infection is not good for the business and also for customers, thus connecting a Commercial Pest Control Service Provider in Prospect for proper inspection and treatment is a must.


Strata Pest Control Services

Pest Control Corp also provides Strata Pest Control Services for buildings and public places. If you are a committee and looking for a Pest Control Company in Prospect for Pest control services in common spaces like swimming pools, elevators, hallways, and gyms. Then we are happy to tell you that Pest Control Corp a leading Pest Control Service Provider in Prospect provides all the services, a public place needs. We will take care of all the open spaces and common properties. It avoids all the risks and ensures better management of any public properties and assets. There are various reasons to hire Strata Pest Control Service providers. So call us now and keep everything 100% pest Free.


Why Choose Pest Control Corp?

This question can buzz your mind because other Pest control companies are also providing the same services in the city. Then why us?  Here are a few reasons to keep us on top of your list.


We have been providing pest control services in Prospect for the last 10 years. Thus, Pest Control Corp as a full-service house is also having enough experience, resources, and a great team.

Team of Experts

We have a team of pest control technicians, They have an understanding and knowledge of their works and responsibilities. 

Safe Pesticides Eco-Friendly Treatment

We only use pesticides that are recognized as target-specific, eco-friendly, biodegradable, and approved by CIB for their use in domestic pest treatment services. 

Effective and Long-Lasting

Our treatment is not just safe, they are effective and last longer too, thus we try to keep you and your area safe as long as possible from these creepy insects.


It is not the end of the list, there are more reasons to choose us, some of them are a requisite license and certified members, no lock-in bond, no hidden cost, simple process, work as per our customer’s convenience and timings, affordable prices, etc. Thus, our understanding of the field with all our above-listed features can provide 360° safe and Bug-Free Surrounding.

Our Affordable Cost

We provide all our services at affordable costs. We are so convinced that our offered Plans and Prices of Pest Control Services are the most competitive package in the market today. Our cost depends on the size of the structure/ area,  type of solution, the time required, type of pest, and quantity of chemical. 


Our team will provide you an estimation of the work with full details after the inspection only. Pest Control Corp also assures you that you will get value for money service. There is no hidden charge in our services. Meanwhile, if you have any queries regarding the Pest control Cost in Prospect or want any customized plan, let us know.

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There are plenty of signs and symptoms you can notice in the infected place. The most common ones are small holes in the walls & floors, pest dropping, dead bugs, nests, active pests, odd smells, some small redness or bite marks on the body, sounds from the wall or other stuff, chewed items, etc
It depends on how big your property is and how badly it is affected. It sometimes also depends on the type of pest and the number of treatments. Sometimes the structure and the area also consume the technician’s time to reach there and treat. However, we have a professional and dedicated team, and our team will try to do everything as fast as possible.
If your home gets infected very often or the area is very prone to the pest attack, then we will suggest you contact with the pest control company for inspection on a half-yearly basis. However, normally you should request an inspection and treatment at least 1 time in a year.