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Looking for the best pest control service provider in Seven Hills? Contact Pest Control Corp and experience the reliable pest control services in Seven Hills.

Seven Hills is a beautiful suburb located approx 27 kilometers North West of Sydney CBD. We as a leading Pest Control Company in Seven Hills provide all the required services to handle and eliminate pests such as Cockroach, Termite, Bed Bug, Rodent, Mosquito, Flies, Tick & Flea, and Wood-Borer.

Pest Control Corp is actively making home and offices free of pests from the last 10 years in the suburb. We at Pest Control Corp Seven Hills are providing Strata, Residential and Commercial Pest Control Services at an affordable cost here. Contact Pest Control Sydney today and make your Home and office Bug-Free today.

Features of Pest Control Corp Seven Hills

We have been working here for the last 10 years, we gain experience, a good team, Knowledge, and all the resources in these years and the combination allows us to provide reliable and long-lasting solutions for all types of pest problems. Here are more features.

  • Around a decade of experience in Pest Control Seven Hills.
  • Hundreds of happy customers.
  • We only use government (CIB) Approved pesticides.
  • Fast and reliable procedure
  • Safe & affordable pest control solutions.
  • Responsive customer support.
  • Treatment Available for almost all types of pests & bugs
  • A team of professional well-trained staff.
  • Inclusion of the latest technology and scientific methods,
  • Flexible work hours according to the customer’s convenience.
  • Safe for the environment and non-targeted species.
  • Best and quality customer service.

Contact Pest Control Corp Seven Hills today, share your pest problem and let us make your home and office Bug-free

How is Pest Control Done in Seven Hills?

Pest control companies follow their own process of pest treatment, however, we can tell you what process does Pest Control Corp follows.  We provide quality pest control services in Seven Hills, but we also follow a very simple procedure. Our complete process from start to finish can be divided into 5 parts, i.e. Inspection Request, Inspection, Identification, treatment, and cleaning. Check the complete procedure below.

  1. Make a call on the given number or Get Your Free Quote from the website.
  2. Answer a few questions from your contact support team member and book an inspection by providing location, pest problem, and preferred time details.
  3. Our trained staff will reach at the given location on-time.
  4. They will organize an inspection of your complete area.
  5. During the inspection, they will try to find out all the entry points, hiding spots, pests, and their nests also.
  6. We will choose a suitable pesticide (Chemical) according to the need.
  7. Then we will treat the whole area with the pesticide as per need. The treatment can be repeated up to 4 times to make your home and office 100% safe from pest attack.
  8. After successful treatment, we will clean the area and inspect it again before leaving the area.

Check our offers, and services and book an inspection today.

Residential and Commercial Pest Control Services

Our pest control company Seven Hills portfolio includes Residential and Commercial Pest Control Services. More than hundred of customers have used our services in the last 10 years and we are ready to maintain our quality of services and very affordable cost in the future too. 

Residential Pest Control Seven Hills

Residential places need extra hygienic care because without proper cleaning and care these places can invite a lot of pests and problems along with them. That’s why Pest Control is considered necessary at residential places because it protects the living area and people who live there. 

By eliminating pests like flies, rodents, spiders, ants, mosquitoes, cockroaches, silverfish, etc. from your area, we provide you safe and pest-free surroundings for you. We also try to eliminate the scope of their future occurrence. Pests can contaminate open food materials and also spread many dangerous and fatal diseases. Thus to keep your home and loved once secure call and book an Inspection today.

Commercial Pest Control Seven Hills

We can provide one time, regular and schedules pest control inspection and treatment as per your plan and need, under our commercial pest control service. Due to the lack of deep cleaning and moisture, commercial places attract pests. They get safety, leftover food, and lots of areas, that’s why these places are very easy targets for pests. 

Pests are infamous for causing disturbance to the working environment and they are harmful to the property, employee’s health, documents, and also for other important stuff. Pest Control Corp does feature professional team, effective chemicals, resources, and provide affordable commercial pest control services in Seven Hills Contact us today and experiences our quality services.

Our Expertise in Pest Control Seven Hills 

Pest Control corp can eliminate all types of pests like rodents, ants, spiders, flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, silverfish, etc. but if you want to know the more detailed answer then here they are.

  • American Cockroaches
  • German Cockroaches
  • Smokey Brown Cockroaches
  • Trapdoor Spiders
  • Red Back Spiders
  • Rodents – Rats and Mice
  • Silverfish
  • Paper Wasps
  • Australian Cockroaches
  • Oriental Cockroaches
  • Black House Spiders
  • St. Andrew’s Cross Spiders
  • Carpet Beetles
  • Bull Ants

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Seven Hills

With a population of over 19,326 (2016 census), Seven Hills is a suburb of Sydney, in the state of New South Wales, Australia. It is located 27 kilometers North West of the Sydney central business district, and it is a part of Hills District and Greater Western Sydney region.

The suburb is colloquially known as 'Sevo'. The suburb Seven Hills, NSW incorporates the localities of Grantham (the Grantham Estate) and Grantham Heights. Seven Hills is considered as a very good suburb to raise the family with more houses and fewer villas and flats.


Commercial places such as Offices, hotels, clubs, restaurants, warehouses, storage rooms, etc. don’t get as much care and cleaning as they actually need, Additionally, these places contain moisture and have lots of hiding spots. Thus, these places become easy and rewarding targets for pests. Pests like spiders, ants, flies, termites, rats, cockroaches, mosquitoes, rodents, carpet beetle not only disturb the working environment, but also cause harm to the health of staff, structure, electronic appliances, and other important stuff. Thus to keep everything safe and secure commercial building needs Regular Pest Control treatment.

As the name suggests, Organic Pesticides are made of organic stuff, these are preferred in initial cases or where chemicals can be hazardous. It is used to kill pests without causing any bad impact on the environment and other living species. Herbal pest control solutions are odorless and are considered to be the safest ones.

On the other hand, Chemical Pesticides are made of some poisonous chemicals, it is the traditional way to treat pests. Using chemical pesticides and insecticides, population, birth, and breeding of pests can be easily controlled in homes, commercial spaces, and fields. However, some of the chemicals can be harmful to the environment and other species, thus we should always choose the right and target-based pest control methods to kill and eliminate all the pests from your area. Make sure to use the safe and non-hazardous method for complete pest treatment.

The Overall cost can vary according to the offered services and company norms so we can’t provide you an exact answer. Actually the cost is estimated based on various factors. Some of them are:
  • Pest control Type required.
  • Herbal pest control or chemical-based pest control
  • Commercial or house pest control
  • Total space where pest control is to be done
  • Service charge and additional taxes
We or most of the Pest Control Company will reveal the overall price after the inspection,  they would evaluate all these factors and would finally tell you the estimated cost. There are some additional taxes that the pest control company might ask from you