Pest Inspection vs Pest Control

Pest Inspection vs Pest Control – The Difference Explained!

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Whether you’re buying a new home or just encountered some pests on your premises, you need to worry about these creepy crawlers because they can cause harm to your health, home structure, and regular life. That’s why Pest Control is considered compulsory once in a year. The Complete Pest Control Treatment process features two important terms inspection and control treatment and today we are going to differentiate the both so here we are with Pest Inspection vs Pest Control.

Basically the complete Pest extermination process can be divided into three parts,

  • Pest Inspection
  • Make Strategy
  • Pest Control Treatment

Pest inspections and pest control are part of the same process but they are different from each other but to create the perfect pest protection solution for your home or office both need to go hand in hand in a very synchronous way. Both are vital to make sure that pests are completely eradicated from the area. If one of them was not done properly then there is a big chance that pests lingering around your property. Here’s what you should know about the difference between Pest Inspection and Pest control before hiring a pest control company.

What is a Pest Inspection?

Pest Inspection is normally conducted before the treatment and just after contact with a pest control company. It is the process to examine the area, risk, and pest type. A pest inspection usually conducted by the professionals, who will come to your home or site to inspect the complete areas where pests could reside.

Professionals with knowledge and experience know exactly what to look for when conducting the inspection for pests. They will try their best to find the root of the problem, They will also look for any damage caused by pests.

Normally people call Pest control company and request for inspection because:

  • Someone in your office or home noticed pest droppings in your home or office.
  • You are worried about the presence of pests in your home.
  • Pests are causing health issues.
  • You want to purchase a property and need to ensure that it is pest-free first.
  • Pests are causing damage to your home structure.

How Often Should You Get a Pest Inspection?

A pest inspection is necessary to avoid any long-term damage to your home. Pest inspection on a half-yearly basis is a must to keep them outside of your property. However, if there is not a single symptom appearing in your area of having pests then you can consider pest inspection on a yearly basis too. You need to understand that, No home is immune from rodents or termites causing serious, and perhaps even irreparable, damage. So keep all boxes checked and call a pest control company for inspection.

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What Happens During a Pest Inspection?

Basically, when you call a pest control company for inspection then some professional from the company will visit your home or office and look for signs and symptoms of pests or pest damage in every part of your premises. They will examine every corner or wall or any hidden places to find the hiding spots, the root of the cause, entry points, etc. They will even inspect roof cavities, sub-floor areas, basement, the external structure of your premises, etc. As per their experience and understanding, they will mark all the areas that need special attention.

During a pest inspection, your inspector will look for anything like:

  • Dampness or Moisture in ceilings or walls. This may indicate the presence of pests or breeding of pests in or the nearby areas of pipes.
  • Any excavated wood indoors or outdoors. This may indicate that termites are present in or close to the house.
  • Droppings indicating pests. Knowing where the pests are can help target them more effectively, whether they are mice, rats, or bed bugs.
  • Damaged furniture or wooden items. The gnaw or rash marks on the furniture or dripping on the furniture may indicate that there are pests in your home.

What is Pest Control?

After understanding everything about inspection now it is time to pick the second one from Pest Inspection vs Pest Control, which is, of course, Pest Control, So Pest control is not just about treating the pests discovered during the pest inspection, it is just a part.

During pest inspection technicians also identify all the potential risk areas inside or outside your home or office. Pest control also consists of steps such as cleaning those areas, blocking the entry points, removing untreated wood structures from outside, and providing a preventative measure. Pest control might eradicate or prevent pests such as termites, spiders, cockroaches, bed bugs, ants, silverfish, moths, rodents, carpet beetles, fleas, etc.

Pest Control Technicians utilize various methods, types of pesticides, equipment and plans to eradicate or prevent pests, and after the treatment, they also conduct a final inspection to ensure that no area remains untreated, before leaving the site.

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What Different Types of Pest Control Methods are Available?

There are basically 4 types of methods to eliminate pests from an area, Usually, pest control technicians choose one of the methods as per the symptoms and need to make your area pest-free. The 4 methods are:

  1. Organic Pest Control: By using traps, adding poison in the bait, and utilizing insecticidal soap, oil, sprays, etc. These are considered safe and cost-effective.
  2. Chemical Pest Control: There are some dangerous target based chemical pesticides available in solid, liquid, and aerosol form which can be used to kill insects, plants, and bacteria. This method is hazardous if used without proper care and knowledge.
  3. Biological Pest Control: Basically in this method natural enemies of specific pests such as predators, parasites, pathogens are used to eliminate all the pests from the area.
  4. Electronic Pest Control: In this method electromagnetic and ultrasonic are used to keep pests away.

After the inspection and observing the seriousness of the problem technician will choose one of the methods and but make sure that your pest controller company is:

  • Using safe, target-based pesticides to eradicate pests from the site.
  • Using last lasting pesticides that will keep the pest away for a longer time period.
  • Not using broad-spectrum pest control products, because the efficiency of these pesticides depends on the type of pests.

How do Pest Inspections and Pest Control Go Hand in Hand?

Pest Inspection is a vital step before conducting Pest Control Treatment, and inspection will also make things very clear and guarantee the success of the treatment. An Inspection from a reputed pest control company can save time, effort, and money from both sides.

The quality inspection will also find all the areas where special attention is required, which helps the Pest COntrol technicians to apply appropriate pesticides/solutions to keep the area secure from any pest attack for a longer time period.

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Why Do You Need Professionals to Conduct Pest Inspection and Pest Control Treatments?

DIY approach or cheap pest control can’t provide the required level of pest control solution and that’s why the Professional pest company is required to conduct Pest inspection and Pest Control Treatment. There are more reasons to hire a professional pest control company, which is listed below.

  1. Professionals will have years of experience, knowledge, understanding, and resources.
  2. During the inspection, they will look for the source of the problem.
  3. They can choose the most suitable pesticide to solve the issue.
  4. Inspection and treatment take less than 3 hours.
  5. DIY Approach Is not safe and Not Always Enough
  6. Pests Can Create Health Problems For You and Your Family faster than your expectations.
  7. Pests Can Cause Damages to Your Property and Belongings
  8. Pest Control Services Help Create A Stress-Free Home Environment without any effort.

So we hope that after reading this article entitled Pest Inspection vs Pest Control your confusion related to these two terms has been gone and now you can hire a pest control company without any doubt.

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