What is an Integrated Pest Management

What is an Integrated Pest Management (IPM)? Everything Explained!

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What is an integrated pest management? It is one of the few queries that people often ask our technicians, during the inspection. People normally get confused about what it is and how it works? They also believe that it is an advanced method of pest control, thus if you also want to know about integrated pest management then this article is for you.

IPM is an acronym of Integrated Pest Management, it is an approach to pest management. It combines Prevention and control treatment, but it is more focused on prevention. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a very beneficial approach at commercial properties especially at food processing and food retail facilities having pest invasion.

Integrated Pest Management provides a robust pest management Solution by treating the problem from its root. The IPM includes a number of practices to find out the root of the cause and treat it.

The Integrated Pest Management solution considers the proper research and data about the pests, their life cycles, behaviour, and interactions with the environment.

We at Pest Control Corp mix all these gathered information with experience, technology, and the latest pest control method to provide the best possible solution. We try our best to solve the problem while keeping people, property, and the environment safe.

After knowing What is an Integrated Pest Management (IPM)? Let’s talk about how does it work.

How Does Integrated Pest Management Work?

Integrated Pest Management is performed using the latest technology, methods, and pesticides to protect global businesses against pest infections by utilizing the following 4 protocols.

1. Setting Action Thresholds

We at Pest control Corp are well aware that each problem and customer segment is different from each other that’s why we keep us connected with the customers to understand their problem and business requirement. We provide the best possible pest control solution while keeping the safety of people, food, and the environment in mind.

We understand that a single pest is not the problem but it can bring a complete fleet inside the property. Thus, we provide a relevant solution as per the requirement.

Our team of expert technicians will make recommendations on the basis of various factors, some of them are:

  • The seriousness of pest invasion
  • The type of business or structure.
  • The type of pest
  • Individual tolerance
  • The environment

2. Monitoring and Identifying Pests

Pest Control corp is equipped with all the latest technology equipment and resources and above all experienced technicians are like the extra cherry on the cake.  Our technicians play a vital and comprehensive role in pest inspection and treatment. They use expert tools and resources during inspection to identify the pests, pest problems, and infected areas.

We also take care of the business activity, involved risks, and any other conditions. Pest control Corp also provides training and supporting resources to help our customers in a very comprehensive way. With our training and resources our customers or their staff will be able to look out for:

  • Pest sign, symptoms and evidence
  • Pest-conducive conditions
  • Areas having moisture, heat, humidity
  • Eatable items that attract pests.
  • Pest harborage which includes interior/exterior, trash areas, drains, building perimeter-weeds, and debris.
  • All the Pest entry points (gaps, cracks)

3. Pest Prevention

While we are answering What is integrated pest management? We mentioned that it is an approach of pest control and management that focuses on prevention more than control. Pest prevention includes a number of precautionary steps and methods and our technicians choose and use these methods as per the requirements. Prevention procedures include sanitation practices, mechanical trapping, blocking entry points, etc. It also includes the management of garbage and proper use of dustbins and some other prevention measurements inside and outside.

Any deficiencies in cleanliness will be noted by our technicians and then we will provide advice and recommendations to solve all the issues.

The Pest Prevention protocol also includes blocking the entry point.  Most of the pest invasion starts from outside and then get spread at inside area of the premises thus it becomes important to observe the premises from outside and block all the entry points such as gaps, holes, cracks and replacing screens and repairing defects around entryways, pipes, drains and other structures to keep the pests away.

4. Pest Control Methods

As per the prepared notes during the inspection, Pest Control Corp will create a strategy to eliminate all the pests from the area and also choose a suitable method and suitable pesticides. Pest Control Technicians also have to analyze all the involved risks and take care of effectiveness.

Pest Control Methods for Integrated Pest Management

There are three Pest Control methods that are normally used in the Integrated Pest Management approach. The same is explained below:

Chemical Methods

In this method, our technician will create a temporary environmental condition that will be unfavourable for the pests to live. In this method temperature, humidity, and light are adjusted so that pests have to leave the area. It is a non-toxic, eco-friendly method of removing pests. However, it is just a method to remove the existing pests.

Mechanical Methods

In this method, we use some innovative IOT based devices, traps, and fly control products to eliminate the existing pests and also keep them away for a longer duration. These traps are effective and also provide a reliable solution however you or the technician have to choose a relevant mechanical method for the best solution.

Chemical Methods

This chemical method is the most effective method, but it also involves some risks. However, on the basis of area, product and need, if Chemical methods are applicable, then some target based pesticides can be used in the form of spot treatment or fumigation services and it will control the pest infestations very effectively.

With the hope that you must have understood What is an Integrated Pest Management, its process, and all the parts. It is important to understand that the integrated pest management solution is utilized to reduce the use of strong chemical pesticides and also promoting the use of non-toxic options. This method normally comes into play where food safety regulations are involved.

Along with Residential Pest Control, Commercial and Strata Pest Control Services, Pest Control Corp also provide Integrated Pest Management (IPM) at affordable costs in and around Sydney. Thus if you are looking for pest control and management house for IPM them Call us now and experience our world-class services.

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